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057 – A Warm Reunion

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Massive Growth and Non-Sexual Nudity

It felt like her boots were made of lead when Millie stepped off the bus near Keiko's. The two of them had not spoken for any length since the squabble over a month ago. Then they had been arguing about how to handle Keiko's scumbag supervisor at her residency. Their contrasting approaches highlighted the stark differences in their worldviews, and that time, the gap was too much to reconcile. Millie had been sure that was the end of things between her and the surgeons' daughter from Kyoto. That is, until this morning.

Out of the blue, Keiko had sent a text inviting Millie to come over. She insisted that her one-time girlfriend was the only one who could help. The plea was enough to convince Millie to put aside the hurt. Although that thought did little to bolster Millie's emotions as she stepped into one of the nicest high rises in the city. Keiko had been renting a condo from her aunt during her stay in the states. The level of casual abundance had always just been another reminder to Millie about the gap between them.

What if Keiko had reported her boss and been let go? What if something "accidental" had happened to her while at work? The 'what if's kept coming as Millie crossed the posh lobby, waved to the desk attendant and boarded an open elevator before they could say anything. Yeah, there was nothing in the slightest about Keiko's supervisor that would have surprised Millie. Even him trying to do, well, that was not out of the question.

Douchebag very much aside, there was a far more salient point in all of this. If Keiko's residency had been terminated, her visa would soon be revoked and Millie could not bear the thought of her going back to Japan without them making up first. Hopefully, though, this was something else. Something mundane to do together which would let them start again.

Maybe Keiko needed something fixed or hung up. Maybe there was clog in a drain. She had always hated doing handy work, but that kind of stuff was second nature to Millie. She had grown up around her dad's machine shop and had done loads of handyman odd jobs with him. If she was being honest, the thing she missed most about their relationship was the appraising gaze Keiko would send her way when she was working. No one else had ever looked at her like that.

Guys would always look past her. Past her bulky build. Past her scarred hands and arms. Past her short, frizzy hair and her septum ring. In the rare case that someone was interested, they would likely be the kind of guy to spend the first date explaining how to take care of her vintage motorcycle or something similar and then expect sex. That only happened once before she was over it.

Not that she had any more success with other women. There were some who hated her for being bisexual, of course, but most of the women she met through the Bay area bar scene were a decided contrast to Keiko, and that left Millie at a loss. The daughter of two surgeons from Nagoya might as well have been from another planet when it came to experiences Millie could reference. Millie had hooked up a few times In the end though--and made a few friends as well--so things were going okay.

Maybe, eventually, she would find someone else...

When Millie knocked on Keiko's door and no one responded, she tried the knob. Finding it unlocked, she stepped into the apartment with her pepper spray drawn. Keiko's scent, while as light as ever, hit her hard. Fruity notes of citrus waltzed with the calming scent of jasmine in a movement etched into Millie's memory. The smell of Keiko's preferred perfume brought tears to her eyes as she remembered the day when she finally washed her sheets and that scent was replaced by sunny linen.

"Kei? You here?"

"In my bedroom, Mimi," Keiko called back. Hearing Keiko's pet name for her brought a smile to her face. Keiko said she found 'Millie' too hard to say, and it had been her name pretty much since their second date. "Don't forget about your shoes."

As if she could. Taking off her shoes right inside the door had become part of her after three years. Millie wandered through the apartment as if she were expecting goons to be waiting for her like this was an action movie, but she finally pushed open the door to Keiko's room and froze.

Keiko was sitting on the edge of her bed and her entire torso was obscured by a pair of ponderous tear-drop-shaped breasts--if they could even be called that at such a size. She was wearing what appeared to be a broom skirt like it was a crop-top. The waistband was pulled tight well above the widest point of her massive curves, the elastic going just under her arms. The rest of the skirt hung loosely over what looked like two very large beach balls sitting in her lap, the suspended hem just shy of her thighs. The bottom of the impromptu top flapped when Keiko hiccuped, and Millie realized with a start that, beneath the loose fabric, Keiko’s areolae were so plush that they almost boobs in their own right!

After a moment of feeling her cheeks and ears come to a boil, Millie found words around the cotton in her mouth by focusing on Keiko's face. Those soft lips, her shining black eyes, the cute little lotus stud on the left side of her nose. “Omigawd! Keiko, are you okay?"

"Um," she began clearing her throat, "that's a complicated question. I've not been fine since our fight, but my pride has been in the way of making up."

"I more meant, um..." she risked looking down again and Keiko's gaze followed.

"Oh, right. On paper, I am in perfect health, my system is free of any foreign substances, and yet, this happened in just a few hours."

Incredulous, Millie reached out and poked Keiko's impossible bust. It was far more springy than she expected. Not quite like a water balloon, but not like her own boobs either.

The light touch made Keiko moan, after which she blushed and hid her face behind her hands. Millie could not help but notice her nails were longer than usual. While she might have been clueless to most signs, it was likely Keiko was not seeing another woman either.

"You said this happened in a few hours?" Millie asked, trying to fill the silence.

"Yes, that's correct," Keiko replied, peeking back over her fingertips. "I was here, trying on outfits I had ordered for the gala this weekend when they just started growing. It was after I put on a dress with this weird star embroidered near the chest pocket. It's hanging over my chair there."

Millie just blinked.

"Oh, and they were much bigger an hour ago," Keiko added as if this was a common occurrence and not something totally unprecedented.

"How can you be so calm about this?!" Millie stomped, angry and confused. "Can't you put that freaking stoicism of yours aside for one damn minute and worry about something for once? You have tits that should not be possible just because you put on a dress!"

"Well, you know me. I couldn't go anywhere and I had a hint in the dress so I went searching and, as it turns out, this has happened more than once. Nothing as extreme, mind, but there are posts here and there which each sound like far-out fantasies. In each case, however, those changed by their clothes said they went back to how they were before after a few days."

Millie was unconvinced. "So, what, you're going to just wait for these monsters to shrink?"

"Do I have a choice? That's why I called you. I'm gonna need help..."

"I'll say! A shrink for sure."

"Mimi, please, just... listen. We had been talking about us moving in together before everything went sideways, but maybe you're still interested? You can stay here, help me as I recover, and we can see if there's still something there between us--"

"Are you kidding--"

"I'm serious. If I have to ask anyone else, you can bet I'm back in Nagoya within the week--and I really don't want us to part as less than friends."

Millie paused, unable to wrap her head around not only the prospect of making up with Keiko but also living with her for a few weeks.

"Well, what can I do for you now? Do you need a hug or...?”

"A hug would be lovely. I could use a friend's touch after the last few days," Keiko said with a laugh that turned to tears. "Oh, Mimi! I've been so lonely!"

Millie rushed to her and put her arms around the other woman's shoulder. Which is when she realized Keiko had grown in more than one way. Stepping back, Millie found herself no longer shoulder to shoulder, but noticeably shorter than her on-again-off-again partner. Thanks to a foot or more of difference, when Keiko pulled her close a second time, Millie’s arms wrapped around Keiko’s hips and the other woman's immense, weighty cleavage settled around Millie's face. She had expected to hate the position, but Keiko's skin was so soft and warm. Her soft scent was all-consuming, enveloping Millie as utterly as the embrace had. Struck with an idea, Millie wormed her hands into Keiko's cleavage.

“Wha-what are you doing?" She gasped. "That tickles!”

"Trying to--ngh!--get to your face."

Pushing off the ground, Millie squirmed her shoulders between Keiko's boobs. The soft, warm embrace evoked feelings of being wrapped up in a blanket by the fire. She felt Keiko tilt forward, giving her another jump to launch herself further. Being half suspended in tit flesh felt like swimming, and when she emerged from the depths between Keiko's stretched-out waistband and chest, it certainly felt like coming up for air. Even stained by tears, Keiko's face was breathtaking. Millie could feel herself falling all over again. All of her dammed up emotions began to leak out.

Pushing once more, Millie tipped them back onto the bed. She was astride Keiko's thighs, and her once-more girlfriend's boobs almost swallowed her up now. She wiggled her hands loose and not only wrapped them around Keiko’s neck but pulled her down into a kiss.

“Wh-what’s come over you?” Keiko said, her face turning red even as she prolonged the contact.

“I just…after last time…and you were…um…I know we had talked about moving on so…this feels like another chance."

"It does. I'll try to make more decisions--"

"--and I'll try to be patient with your way of thinking."

They kissed again, their fingers pressing into each other's skin like they never wanted to let go again...

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