Misty F Fiction

058 – Expanding Gum

An Enchanting Tale of The Far Shore

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Large Sizes, Significant Growth and Significant Sexually-Focused Transformation

"Hey there--Yenni, right?"

Yenni glanced up from his report and did a double-take. Standing just outside his cubicle was a woman who had a figure befitting a swimsuit model. She looked like an actress from an '80's music video with her feathered blonde hair and scarlet lipstick. She was so keen a vision of beauty, he swore she was an illusion born of exhaustion and stress. An echo of some cover model he had seen on the newsstand while walking to the office--or something out of his personal fantasies.

There was only one way to know for certain. "Y-yes, that's me."

"Oh, goodie!" the woman gushed, her voice warm like a spring afternoon. "I'm Daphne, from sales--we talked at the Christmas party?"

"We did?" No wonder she was so stunning. All twelve of the ladies from sales were sexy, although in exactly the same ways--which had always struck him as eerie but he as sure there was an explanation.

Even so, it was like they were clones of each other or something.  For example, like the others, Daphne's face was reminiscent of Jim Lee's takes on Psylocke and Rogue. She had a beauty mark on the right side of her upper lip and her eyes were a brilliant blue-green, same as the rest. As was the case with all of them, she just a hint of a suntan, her makeup looked professionally done, and her kinky hair was a deep golden blonde that came to an end between her shoulder blades--though those were at least a believable happenstance. She was also wearing what seemed to be the department uniform since we never saw one of the saleswomen not wearing it. Patent leather pumps added four inches to her height. Sheer stockings vanished beneath a calf-length pencil skirt that split to just above her knee on the right side. Her flower-patterned silk blouse was both well-fitting and unbuttoned just enough that he quickly looked away from the flash of blue lace when she bent to shake his hand.

"So, uh, what brings you by?" He asked.

"Oh, to give you something," she said with a giggle, putting a familiar glass jar on his desk.

Now it all made sense. He had guessed how many candies were in that jar a little over a month ago. "So, I'm guessing I won?"

"Yup!" she replied before saying that he had guessed exactly right. "You're, like, the champ!" she added, punching him on the shoulder.

"I, uh, I guess so..." he replied with all the confidence of wet cardboard.

"Aw, cheer up, sweetie," Daphne said moving to lean down and give him a reassuring hug from behind. As she did, he realized there was a seven-pointed star charm on a silver chain dangling from her wrist. The jewelry was stunning even while being so simple. His gaze kept following the lines, it felt like they were moving. Drawn in, he could feel Daphne's heat pressed into his neck as her floral scent infiltrated his senses. "It'll all be okay. I promise."

The moment seemed to last forever, then, it was suddenly over. Daphne was standing back on the other side of his desk. She was pink in the cheeks as she smoothed the front of her skirt and tugged at her blouse. "You seem like an interesting person," she said, fixing him with that blue-green gaze and a half-smile that was almost flirtatious. "If you ever need something, let me know."

"Y-yeah. Sure..."

Yenni tried to gather his scattered thoughts as he watched her turn and walk out. All he could manage was that her ass looked so good in that skirt. He was unsure what to do with the candy. They were kind of pretty in the glass, maybe he would just leave them on his desk.

As he got back to work though, there was a temptation to see how they tasted. Unsealing the jar made a strong banana and watermelon scent waft through his cubicle. It was so intense he actually felt his mouth begin to water. Popping one of the gummy candies into his mouth, he was hit with the most intense taste he had ever experienced. He could not stop himself from grabbing two more and stuffing them into his face. He went back to typing his report as he began to chew. His mind wandered back to Daphne's appearance.

It turned out that the gummies were filled with gum. As the wad grew, he felt compelled to blow a bubble. It was something he had not done in ages. It was also kind of fun. Filled with growing happiness, he did not realize that he kept picking banana and melon-flavored pieces out of the jar until his jaw had begun to hurt from how large the chunk of rubber had become.

He blew one last bubble, one large enough to obscure his view. When it popped over his face, he reached up to pull the pieces from his skin and his arm brushed his chest. As one hand worked on removing the gum, the other experimentally squeezed his chest. Soft, yielding flesh met his grasp under his button down. Getting the gum off, he caught his reflection in the glass of his phone. It was not his face that looked up at him, but one more feminine. Thick lips pulled back as he began to laugh.

That was when he realized how tight his pants had gotten. Scooting back from his desk, he was shocked to see his cock straining his pant leg, the shape of his head obvious through the khaki. His balls, too, were inflated beyond humanly possible. There was a moment of hesitation before he called his supervisor and said he needed to go home, that something important had come up. He stuffed a handful of pieces into his mouth, tucked the jar into his bag, and hurried to the elevator just as a button popped on his shirt.

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