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112 – Ainé’s Blessing

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Deliberate Non-Consensual Participation, Dubious Consent and Non-Consensual Participation

(This happens after the events which began in A Midsummer Night's Hookup, but does not contain any spoilers for that plot.)

"Gah, being this small sucks! Why couldn't I grow a pair of tits like yours..."

Ainé, appearing to be a sweater-filling college student instead of a faerie noble dedicated to elevating the feminine form, glanced up from her book and towards the outburst. Ah, two acquaintances, comparing their gripes over dinner—a pastime of human and fey alike. Really, the only thing keeping the pair of women from being sprites might as well have been wings and some sparkle.

One woman, the one who had spoken, was a cutie—as far as humans went, at least—with her auburn hair and a dense speckling of freckles on her face. A half-zippered track jacket over a v-neck tee drew Ainé's attention to the woman's bemoaned lack of endowment. The other woman, with a pale complexion and artful streaks of color in her black hair, stood at the intersection of "art nerd" and goth. Her makeup was equally dark and dramatic. Her hand-stitched outfit had been crafted to downplay her bust as much as possible.

There had been a time when Ainé would have been disarmed by the idea that someone was unhappy with their gift from her, The Queen of Boobs. That, however, was before dating a pair of humans for the better part of a year. Being exposed to the mortal world again after so long had helped the visitor from The Far Shore develop a sense of understanding, even empathy for the mortals she had influenced. In particular, those whose circumstances had led to their measurements ballooning to a spectacular size—one beyond even Ainé's projections.

Curious how much more growth was in the dark-haired girl's future, the faerie queen bit her lip and picked up her phone to consult the magically digitized version of her notes. Meanwhile, the other woman replied and her tone proclaimed this was not the first time their comparative measurements had been the topic of conversation. “Ever since you saw me in the shower this is all you freaking talk about!"

"Well, duh," the blonde woman said, rolling her eyes. "You're fuckin' stacked, Haley!"

"I'd gladly give you all of this if I could."

With a smirk on her face, The blonde woman opened her mouth to reply, but her friend kept talking. "I’ve been growing for years now, y'know? Years! Hell, I can barely remember a time when I wasn't gaining weight up here," she added, a hand going to her chest. "Is that what you want, Sarah? Would knowing that every extra pound will likely end up hanging from your chest make you happy?”

As those challenging words hung in the air, the faerie queen found Haley's profile and frowned. There had been an investigation of her blessing. According to the report, a rookie aide had messed up, resulting in the young woman receiving nearly five times the amount of faerie dust she had been allocated. That error, on top of very favorable genetics, had resulted in her present condition. Further, the unhappy woman was destined to keep growing for a few more years; to a size that would refuse to be hidden.

“Fuck yeah, it would do," Sarah snapped. "I’d kill to have grown like that. Fuck,” she added. "I wish it could still happen!"

The mischievous streak intrinsic to all fey whispered in Ainé's ear, encouraging her to answer Sarah's wish. After all, it would help out Haley, too. The faerie queen fingertips began to tingle. It only took a couple of words and a flick of her wrist to send a spell which was the equivalent of a software patch spiraling towards the two women. As it hit them, the faerie visualized Haley's remaining growth being diverted like a train changing tracks. Then, for good measure, The Queen of Boobs made the line a freight train filled to bursting with blessed potential.

Satisfied, Ainé smiled as she went back to her book. Sarah was in for an intense couple of weeks.

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