Misty F Fiction

A Story Setting: Comicbook Science

090 – Giantess at the World’s End

Years from now, in a future blasted by heat, all but the most elite of humanity live as nomadic hunting bands. One such band stalks the wastelands of the American Northeast, the home of creatures infused with saurian DNA through unknown means...

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195 – Legion

On an Earth much like ours, a research firm is very close to perfecting a technology which will allow humanity to live on other planetoids. However, when a person is exposed to that technology...

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WIP – An Unlikely Tinticure

It was, of course, to be expected. Nothing is ever a halfway measure with my brother--especially when it comes to the people he cares about. So when he was presented with a problem at the genetic level, it was inevitable that his solution would be gene splicing.

188 – A Crossover in Silver

While being a guard in the nexus of several realities has its perks, it can also be super dull. Sometimes though, guests are up for some entertainment.

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180 – Coincidences of Lust

Legends speak of a goddess from Vanaheim whose appetites could not even be satisfied by lives of one hundred men. Called a succubus by those who survived coupling with her, summoning her is considered a trial by combat. But everyone is bound to find someone who can match them, right?

097 – Anticipation and Agitation

Doused by chemicals due to an accident, three friends gained emotionally-based shapeshifting powers. The two of them who used to date are now going to be roommates and that is leading to all kinds of growing problems...
Warning: Altersex content ahead!

087 – Love Me For Me (Redux)

The past year had been amazing for Naomi Bolt. She had won Rookie Hero of the Year, settled into her new life in Champion City, and it looked like the next year was going to be more of the same. Then she was tasked with scouting a new heroine, and everything changed--especially once her mark arrived in the city...

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055 – Captain’s Log

For many, exploring space is part of a larger duty. For some, space is a calling. For a few though, space is their everything--and that can have wide-reaching effects...

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