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Conference Call – 6/8

(This content was originally published June 5th on my Patreon. Ultimately, not much has changed since then.)

Hey all, Misty here!

For those of you far enough north of the Equator, I hope your summers are off to a great start. Those of you in the inverse, hopefully, winter is not too brutal.

Not much to say, really. Stories are progressing, I have drafts of everything in the backlog on here now, and my day job is--as always--a stressful time sink.

Open Sourced is about 65% done. I wrote the ending yesterday, so now it is a matter of getting the supersensory middle section done. The Claribelle story has a general draft, and I expect it to be more extreme than some of the pieces I have done lately. Once I have Open Sourced done, I will post a new poll for a Reader's club story and get started on the next Publisher's Club piece, which is our protagonist trying out a new VR game at a Halloween party with friends.

As for older pieces, I expect to start putting one up every few days, once I get the metadata added to all of the posts, clean up typos/comma splices/etc., and inevitably add more to each story. Some of the micro pieces from '17 are way too short to publish as they are so they will probably wait until the end.

Anyway, as always, you can reach me on twitter @mistyfdfa or ask me things on curiouscat. If you want, stop by the Discord to check out WIP teases and more, or support me on Patreon if you like my stories.

Until next time... be excellent to each other and happy Pride month!

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