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066 – TF Party Aftermath

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, References to Nudity, References to Sex and Significant Growth

Amar woke slowly, his head pounding. The warmth and weight of a body pressed down on his arm. In fact, he could swear the feeling was on both sides...multiple times. Eyes shooting open, he realized in a hurry he was in the middle of a pile of people. Not all of them fully human looking after last night.

Glancing at his predicament, he found himself faced with massively swole shoulders. From the mound of muscles, multiple thick arms branched off. The evening came flooding back as he was hit with the memory of taking multiple shots of a drink he did not recognize. He had known the party was going to be transformation themed, but this was beyond reasonable. How the hell was he supposed to go to work like this?!

The more he awakened, the more the level of awareness from having six arms became overwhelming. Someone soft and squishy snuggled into a left arm. Something throbbed against his skin on the right. Two fingers on another left hand were definitely somewhere warm and wet. Trying to extricate himself was proving difficult, especially as whoever he was fingering clamped their thighs around his forearm. It took some stroking and rubbing to negotiate his release, but, after gifting them several orgasms, he was permitted to work himself free of the pile.

Now on his feet and looking around, he realized the extent of the changes. There was a girl who now had face tentacles and another whose comically large and round breasts were capped by softly snoring mouths. One guy with orange skin had tusks sprouting from his bottom jaw and another had goat horns growing from his temples. Off to one side, there was a mound which turned out to be a single individual's cock and balls.

While not that over-sized, his six arms were massive--bigger than even just the one had been before last night. Hell, his hands almost gripped around his waist and he was not all that skinny. His fingers had to each be five times thicker than when he arrived. Just how big had that vagina been? Standing up with all that mass, even just for a few moments, was making his back hurt and he found himself hunching forward to lean on four of his new limbs. He wondered how long the effects of the Chimera drugs would last.

Another body rose from the mass of people, a girl he had been making out with at some point in the night. Her hips were insanely wide now and between her legs was a vulva so swollen it looked like it had been pumped up like a water balloon. Her hooded clit was very prominent, the nub easily as thick as her wrist and longer than his cock. She shambled towards him, squishing with each step as glit ran down her legs. Pressing into him, she moaned while kissing his neck.

“I loved huge toys before this and now...well, let’s just say I wanna see if that big'ole fist of yours fits inside me.”

"I dunno..." Amar held up his clenched fist between them, it was half again as big as her head and his meaty forearm was close to as big around as her waist. "I've got really big hands now."

He expected her to back out, but she licked his skin instead. “Not a problem, trust me. Why don’t we go back to my place and I’ll show you how it’s done?”(580)

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