Misty F Fiction

085 – Discovered Divinity

The Far Shore

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Mental Corruption, Reality Corruption, References to Nudity, References to Sex, Significant Demihuman Transformation and Significant Growth

When Dr. ValHorn asked Fiona to assist him at the new dig, she was excited. She had always been drawn to Greece but had never been. Little did she know, the trip would be transformational for her.

They were traveling to a newly discovered ruin, long swallowed by a sinkhole that opened into a vast cavern west of Kythira. Considering its location, most thought it was dedicated to Aphrodite. Taking into account the goddess’ quarrels with Persephone over Adonis, the prevailing narrative was that the temple had been dragged into the underworld. Whatever the case, the site was breathtaking.

Lamps had been attached to the high curved ceiling, casting the tumbled ruin in light it had likely not seen in an age. Sea water poured in as several waterfalls on one side and the whole space smelled like it had been subject to the tide. The recent earthquake was probably why the space had drained.

Despite everything, the center structure was mostly intact, there was even a three story statue within. The very curvy woman had no head and looked nothing like traditional portrayals of either Aphrodite or Persephone. When Fiona first saw it, she felt a need to touch the statue. A peculiar familiarity. Its surface was smooth and cold under her fingers, no doubt worn from years underwater.

Ever since, Fiona had felt amazing. Like there was just something about being here that agreed with her. Maybe it was the vacation mindset, but she just felt more strongly and freely. Colors seemed brighter, food tasted better, and every day felt better than the last.

Whatever was happening affected her body as well. She was less exhausted each day even as she took on more and more physical labor at the site. Her clothes started getting tight in ways that made her feel powerful and sexy. She noticed guys and ladies alike more and more which was definitely a new thing. She had never thought of women as lovers before, but she was undeniably starting to feel an attraction. Her choice of partners was not the only place she was becoming more adventurous. It was about the same time she noticed her body changing that she started hooking up every night with this cute guy on the dig.

After a week on site, sleeping was the most exhausting thing she did and that was only exhausting because of the dream. It had started as two beautiful women grappling and slowly grew more detailed.

Two weeks into the dig, she jerked awake as a revelation crashed over her. She was watching Aphrodite and Persephone. As if that unlocked something inside her, she felt her body pulse. Suddenly the scene shifted and it was obvious the women were not locked in combat, but the throes of passion. Adonis was there as well, worshiping his two loves.

All of a sudden, Fiona felt Persephone's weight and Adonis’ cock like she was Aphrodite. Adonis pulled out and something else entered her. She realized as Persephone began to move that the goddess was somehow penetrating her. After a moment, Adonis rejoined and together they alternated until everyone was spent.

Her awareness separated from the goddess’. Then she was looking up at Aphrodite and Persephone, her hands in each of theirs as if she were a small child. Time passed in a blur and she looked down on a lush body like the one from the temple.

Did this mean the temple was for the daughter of Aphrodite, Persephone, and Adonis? Did these memories mean she was a goddess?! The pulse become a full-body throb that brought on an orgasm so strong she passed out. She awoke the next day refreshed, like she had slept for days.

Over the next few weeks, her body steadily grew to match the dimensions of her oversized likeness. The more voluptuous she became, the more she felt suffused with power. There was a shimmer around her hands now, like she had a glowing outline and she only ate or slept if she felt like it.

She might have left Glasgow a woman, but she returned a goddess.

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