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008 – Runnin’ Hot

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Huge Growth and Sexually-Focused Transformation

"Are we really going to go out in matching workout gear?”

Kat turned to her husband and playfully punched him in the arm. “You said they were cute when you bought them as an 'us' gift for Christmas.”

Mike frowned. “Well, yeah. I just...”

He trailed off and looked back at them in the mirror. The couple was dressed in matching windbreaker suits, real Rocky Balboa type stuff. Matching poly-blend pants and zippered jackets with high collars. They were both navy, with neon green piping and highlights. A seven-pointed star was emblazoned on the chest over the letters F, E, and Y. Them matching was really all that was remarkable about them, the pair was ultimately average looking, the kind of people you would see walking in stock footage of cities like middle American zombies.

Finally, he found the words he was looking for. “I just don’t remember them being this tight when we tried them on before.”

On Mike, the jacket strained across a belly that was the result of a couple years sitting at a desk while not cutting back on an athletic college diet. The elastic waistband of the pants was taut, even tucked under his tummy. In Kat’s case, her outfit was less noticeably strained in any one place, but it was hard to move her limbs more than a few degrees in any one direction. For either of them, the next size up from another brand had been too long everywhere, but the goal was to lose weight, right?

“Well, it has been a few months since then, hun. Which is why we need to get on it. Today.”

Before Mike could protest, she pushed him both out of the downstairs bathroom and the front door of their Philadelphia brownstone. The suits had been bought as part of a resolution to get fit, one that was tested as the winter chill continued long into March. Out of nowhere though, this weekend was supposed to be nice, the first opportunity to wear their joint commitments.

Stepping off the stoop onto the sidewalk felt like a huge accomplishment in and of itself for Kat. Looking back, she had always settled on things, letting them wash over her. Now though, she had a stable, if boring, career, as well as a loving relationship and it, felt like the time to get off the back foot. She had no illusions of becoming some record-breaking marathon runner but did want to feel like she was in control of her life and hoped getting in some amount of shape would help with that.

For Mike, stepping onto the concrete was facing half-forgotten demons. He had buried himself in sports through his parents divorce and had grown up mostly alone. He had been a linebacker in college, even playing some games in his junior and senior years, but his lone wolf attitude meant he never got the attention he needed to go pro. He tried to break into sports journalism, but none of his leads ever panned out. Though he went to school for business, he felt that getting a desk job downtown was settling. As his middle management job demanded more and more of his time, it was easy to let the six-a-week regimen progressively slip. Now, he hardly worked out at all but had continued to eat like he was.

“So...we’ll start out slow, okay?” Kat said as she stretched her arms. “Just go for a loop around the block and then reevaluate.”

Mike grunted, but they started off at a brisk pace all the same.

From their door to the corner was easy, as was most of the jaunt up the cross street. By time they rounded the second corner however, both were sweating profusely despite it being a balmy sixty-two.

“I don’t get it,” Mike said between breaths as he continued to jog. “I feel like I’m sitting in a sauna.”

“Maybe we bought winter gear as it went on clearance?”

Even so, they were only half way, they would have to keep jogging to get back home. They were approaching the third corner when Kat felt like the suit was tightening around her even as it got easier to move. She wrote it off as being sticky after the warm up.

Nearly home now, neither felt even remotely tired despite how much their bodies seemed to suggest. They came to the fourth corner and hesitated.

“Hey, do you want to go another block over?” Both asked at the same time and laughed.

When the light changed, they hurried across the street in the direction of a nearby park. With each step, Mike felt better than he had in months. Kat was grinning ear to ear. Neither realized that both their bodies and tracksuits were steadily changing.

By the far corner of the next block, the windbreaker pants had morphed into tights that did not quite fit. Both had lost inches on their tummies, but it was not as if the weight was just vanishing. Kat could swear she saw Mike’s arms and shoulder straining against the jacket’s sleeves in a way they had not since college. On the same wavelength, Mike thought Kat’s plump ass looked amazing in the tights he had bought her.

At the next corner, they had to wait for the light to change. Absently, Kat unzipped her track jacket. The plain cotton t-shirt she had been wearing was now also a spandex garment that matched the jacket and tights. She pulled the neon green v-neck up and away from her chest a few times to fan herself. Something about the garment pulled at her mind, but all she could think about what that it was the still the wrong size as it pinched her boobs.

Next to her, Mike’s jacket hung open as he scratched at his broad chest through a compression shirt. The navy and green spandex was clinging to his damp skin, highlighting abdominal and pectoral muscles Kat had also not seen since college.

“That’s right, we were just starting out...”

“What’s that, babe?”

“I...I don’t remember looking like this when we left.” It felt like she was walking through a fog as she tried to find the words. It was like waking from a dream.

“Not that I mind, but the me saw in the mirror an hour ago was a lump and now… I mean, look at me!” As she pulled off the jacket, it was obvious just how much her body had changed. All over she was a little tighter. Where she was once all the same width, her waistline had narrowed several inches, highlighting her wide hips.

Mike leered at her and she punched him again. His upper arm was like a rock.

“I mean it,” she continued as she tied the jacket around her waist. “With these changes it’s like we’ve been working out for months.”

Mike looked confused, then grimaced as if realizing things were different had caused him pain. “You’re right. What the hell are these clothes? Should we go home? Take them off?”

Kat flashed a grin as the light changed. “You can, I’m going to see how these clothes go.” She was across the street before Mike could stop her and he hurried after.

Once more, their jogging became almost trance-like as the results of exponential months of training were miraculously applied to their bodies. The apparently magical clothes further morphed to reflect a lifestyle that matched their new physiques. The jackets faded away and once ill fitting spandex garb now clung sensually to toned cores and legs that further refined with each block.

By time they stopped again, the couple had covered the remaining six blocks to the park. Mike was now in knee length bike pants and a sleeveless compression shirt. The navy and green clung to him like a second skin, showing off deeply cut lats, abs and pecs. His delts strained the arm holes as his traps did the same to the collar. He looked down at himself in awe as he watched the muscles in his arm swell just a little more before his eyes.

Kat, on the other hand, had transcended her once average appearance. Clad in tight capris and a belly shirt, her exposed skin glowed in a way it had not before. It also seemed like the magic clothing had, in toning her up, moved the majority of the fat in her body to her ass and hips, with a little bit for her face and lips. Even then, her lower half was tight, like she had spent the better part of her life doing squats and running marathons. Her shirt showcased her own well developed core beneath smooth, tanned flesh. Impossibly, her boobs were closer together and considerably perkier. So much so that, even though they had less mass, the increased prominence made them seem bigger.

“So we’re up to fifteen laps, right?” Mike asked as looked up. The oddity of his arms growing more muscular forgotten once out of sight.

Kat shook her head. “Weren’t we just going around the block when we left? How did we get here?”

“You’re right and I’m not even sure.” He could see them leaving apartment in their poorly fitting tracksuits. At the same time, he had years of memories where they ran five miles on Saturdays before hitting the gym. “It’s like these clothes are rewriting our past. How is that even possible?”

“I don’t know,” Kat said as she caressed her toned arms. “But I like this feeling.”

“I guess, I just wonder what else is changing? Kat, tell me, how did we meet?”

“We met in college and got married after graduation. No, wait, we met through Tinder and—Oh! Oh no, nononono.”

Kat sat on the bench as she started to hyperventilate. In her mind there were two lifetimes. One where she had spent her life settling, making do to get by and one where she had been aggressive in going after what she wanted. So much was similar between them, like a favorite shirt, only knit from a different fabric.

It all came back to a situation in her childhood, where her hunky uncle spent an entire afternoon talking down to her about her body. He spent an hour telling the stubby teenager that she would never amount to anything because she was not tall enough, not thin enough, and not pretty enough. She could feel the influence of those words quite keenly as her world spun around her.

Angry, she reached out to that event, sending the love and support she felt now to that younger version of herself. The memory changed at once. She remembered getting up instead of listening. The change rippled through her psyche. In that new timeline, the timeline that she was becoming, she never internalized that abuse, she never learned to believe those were the things men expected.

The other life became a particularly vivid dream as instead of meekly moving through life she stood up for things, clashed with people. Her body grew stronger as her soul did and the new her entered college near the top of her class and as former captain of the field hockey team. She started dating Mike in college instead of after a great Tinder hookup. In a sense, her life belonged to her instead of everyone else.

Mike, too, felt his past rewriting to some extent. He stuck up for his Mom, so she was there for more of his games in High School. Instead of giving up, he stayed committed as his progressively drunk father made life hell for both of them. She encouraged him to go after his dream school, where he met Kat within weeks of starting.

Supported instead of struggling, he was in prime condition in his junior year, tying the school record for most sacks. His senior year saw him break that record just as he was published in Sports Illustrated with an opinion piece as the controversy around student athletes grew. After graduation, he landed a gig writing about sports in Philly and Jersey for Comcast.

The feeling of their lives rebuilding came over them like a rush and the couple sat there for a moment on the bench with their fingers entwined.

“I never realized how strong you made me feel.” Kat said as she squeezed Mike’s hand. “I’m glad this happened even if who I will be now is almost a different person.”

“You’re still exactly the woman I fell for. Just in a different package.”

Kat blushed. “I feel like we’ll forget this moment when we move. That this in between will vanish and we’ll always have been together and happy.”

Mike tiled his head. “Is that a bad thing?”

“It just feels like cheating is all. My life had been pretty gray until we met, I don’t want to lose that feeling of connecting.”

“Well these are magical clothes and if you’re right, we’ll just have connected that much earlier.”

Kat looked off towards the woods that the trail circled as she pondered what that would mean. As she did, a memory which made her blush bubbled up. The first time they had sex in this life was during a camping trip.

The matching memory from their soon-to-be life was much earlier, but was still in a forest. In fact, that couple’s sex life was wide and varied, with encounters nearly everywhere. Quickly in bathrooms at social functions, intensely in locker room showers, quietly in parents’ guest rooms during the holidays. And his tongue! It was like he was part giraffe from how deep it went inside her.

The more she thought about it, the more she blushed, and yet, she wanted that life. She wanted to feel that power of being in charge of her sexuality in a way the old her never could have been.

In her mind, she tried to picture what the new, sexier her, would be doing. The ideas to be a model, or a fitness instructor, or something else easy crossed her mind. Then she remembered that building stuff had been a passion as a kid, another thing her overbearing male relatives crushed the joy out of.

So she made it that she had become an engineer.

A master's degree in architectural engineering was married to several years on the job site as both as an intern and a journeyman. In the present day, she oversaw a whole crew whose respect she had earned day one when she drove a whole brace of rivets without pausing in her introduction.

Something about crafting that reality for herself thickened her body further, building her muscles to reflect a life of hard work. She could swear her thighs verged on being wider than her waist. The electric feeling of power coursing through her veins made her doubts vanish and she hopped up to offer Mike her hands. This was it and she wanted to jump with him. “Come on, we can’t stay here all day. No matter what, our new life is waiting for us and we can’t avoid it.”

Mike’s gaze roved over his wife’s body, had she always been that built? Had she really gone running in a sports bra and such short shorts? Not that he had any room to talk, his muscle shirt and shorts left just as little to the imagination, but he would never get how she was not embarrassed to wear clothes that could barely contain her improbably taut, but bountiful ass.

As he took her hand, memories of them joking about gains and getting swole came into focus. She might not have always been as built as she was now, but they pushed each other all the time. She never backed down from his challenges, never thought she could fail.

From day one, that was what had been so attractive about her. The raw confidence usually associated with fighter pilots. That she was an insane lay only furthered the magnetism. There weren’t many who could hold him on the field at his peak, but she could pin him down in bed without even trying between those thighs, forcing him to use his overgrown tongue on both of her wonderfully velvety holes.

His eyes looked past her to the trees. It was still early, just barely past dawn. No one would even be out for another hour. “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Oh just come on.”

With the first step away from the bench, the timelines collapsed and their lives began to move once more. They crashed through the trees locked in each other's arms. Mike’s hands were squeezing a butt that overflowed his fingers. Kat was digging into to shoulders that never seemed to end. Their sweat slick skin was hot against each other, their pulses pounding in unison.

A good twenty feet into the manufactured forest, he pushed her into a tree. Somehow they were both naked already, the magical clothes gone. She spun and took him off balance. They tumbled to the ground. She climbed on top of him, her thick, muscular thighs pressing against either side of his head. He dug his fingers into her ass as she began to grind her lips against his.

Kat was already dripping before Mike began to tongue her. Her glit coming in waves as she got more and more into the moment. Each time he slipped more of his inhumanly long tongue inside, she squeezed the organ with mind-blowing, rolling flexes of her kegels. He loved this almost as much as he loved plowing her from behind.

Kat began to really moan when his tongue finally pressed against her cervix. The overgrown muscle filled her pussy even better than his thick cock. She began to rise and fall on his face, her ass making progressively louder smacks on his chest. It had only been a few moments before she felt orgasm grab hold of her body.

Fighting for breath, Mike pushed her up, but she did not allow him to let up on his assault of her pussy. Even as she collapsed to the dirt from a second dose of mind-numbing pleasure, her hips pressed down. With no other option, he continued to work her body until his jaw ached and she had tensed up more than five times.

Finally satisfied, Kat staggered off her hunky husband and offered him exactly what he wanted. With one thumb spreading her open, he rubbed his rock hard dick against her lips, coating his member in her fluids. The feeling of his cock head against her asshole moments later made her bite her lip in anticipation of what was to come. She had really riled him up this time. He slammed into her right away and Kat gasped in both pleasure and pain. He pulled back just as fast before slamming back a second time. He kept that pace until Kat lost track of time in the haze of satisfaction.

Mike felt his balls tightening, heralding the end. He pulled out of Kat’s ass and pushed her over. He lifted one of her legs over his shoulder as he pressed his throbbing dick against her pussy. Angled as she was, his thrusts hit every spot within and she was clenching tight when he finished with burst after burst of thick semen.

He collapsed next to her, both were panting.

“I love you.”

“Yeah, love you, too.”

“We should probably get home. Do you have the bag?”

“Yeah, right here.”

They quickly donned the clothes they had stashed for their normal Saturday run and fuck. Tank tops and shorts of navy blue spandex and neon green accents with a seven pointed star crest over the letters F A E.


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