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069 – Taulic’s Chosen

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW

Taulic looked down at the next in a long line of supplicants. He did not even care whether they were a demon or something else. They were simply another pitiful, stuttering existence cowed by his very presence.

“P-p-please, your lordship, we need aid. The attacks are like nothing we have ever seen. A vast army, one of daemons, elves, and more is terrorizing the countryside. Their leader said her name was Nyleth and that she was fighting to free us.”

Nyleth? Tulic's eyes narrowed as he chewed on the word. His disgraced cousin? He had destroyed her for her treachery against the Imperium. How was she leading an army once more?

“Rise, thrall, and speak,” he said lifting a hand. “What is your name?”

“J-j-javier, your lordship.”

“Javier, is it?” Taulic looked at the pitiful being for the first time. He was human, likely from a realm still in the iron age judging from his crude fur clothes. He was burly and bearded, in his eyes was a desire to prove himself. He was a mass of potential awaiting the right form. It was a form Taulic was happy to provide.

“Tell me, Javier, how did this woman calling herself Nyleth appear? Was she actually a daemoness?”

“Well, my lord, she certainly seemed so. And, um, she was also tall and built. Her skin was like shimmering fire and stars glowed from the depths of her eyes as she led the charge on Comstadt’s garrison.”

Perhaps someone had healed her injuries--not that it should have been possible. Her shattered horns were already at the edges of known medicine. “What about her horns?" Taulic asked of the man. "Did they seem whole?”

“They were broken in the back, just as the circlet of bone curved around her neck.”

So they were still damaged, then. “This is good news, Javier. For that, you shall be rewarded.”

“My lord? How is this good news?”

Would you rather it be bad?” Taulic asked, sitting forward as his eyes started to glow.

“N-n-n-no, sir. Not at all. It’s just, I mean, um-”

“Silence, thrall. Now, drink the spoils of your good news and reap the rewards.”

The man picked up the chalice offered to him and gulped as he looked down into the half-full cup. “What is this, my lord?”

“My essence. Now, drink or be slain for insulting me.”

The man tipped the goblet back. He gagged on the thick fluid at first then gulped eagerly as the corrupting influence spread. The horns were the first thing to grow in, a pair of dark, twisting spires rising from either side of his head. Darkness spread from their roots, dying the man’s skin the color of the night sky. He stretched taller, his body tearing through his clothes as his already bulky musculature swelled and refined to match his new stature.

As the dusk crept down his body, his manhood inflated. His balls growing rapidly with audible gurgling as Taulic’s essence turning them into factories of corruption. His cock grew thicker faster than it did longer, becoming a throbbing teardrop covered in rounded nubs and veins so wide they appeared to be ridges. All of a sudden, a crease formed in the middle of his vast member. It deepened in pulses until his club-like member split into a pair of bestial dicks which hung past his knees.

“Now, my chosen, take my essence and return to your world. Spread my blessings to all you feel worthy, raise an army with your newfound power, and wage war against Nyleth. Should you succeed in securing her death or capture, even greater rewards await you.”

"Yes, my lord," the new daemon said as it bowed and then vanished in a cloud of darknes.

"Soon, cousin. I will put an end to your paltry rebellion..." (637)


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