Misty F Fiction

Content Warning: Extreme Sizes

One or more specific physical features of a subject are dramatically above or below average in comparison to the rest of their body

116 – xxxHiGH Powered Growth

An older woman with a taste for younger men. A personal trainer with a body to die for. A recalled protein powder. Things are bound to get out of hand...

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104 – Understanding Dick

You used to have a fetish about wearing strap-ons under your pants at school and work, at least until it ended a relationship. A moment of irritation and misplaced jealousy, however, brings the desire back, to unexpected results, but is there more to being on top in bed than being the one wearing the strap-on?
This story contains: transphobia (and overcoming it), genderfuckery, harsh language/slurs, rough sex, and altersex content.

101 – Of Boobs and Fae

Back with Clara, the aftermath of Jadine and Aine's exchange becomes apparent. Aine then asks Clara out on a date to explain things.
Warning:Massive, impossible sizes ahead

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073 – A Spell Awry

Ever since their wedding, a heterosexual couple in an open relationship find themselves more eager than ever thanks to a spell from her sister. So far, they have never broken either of their two rules for sex with others, but what will happen when they both slip up?

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072 – A Pile of Love

It has been some time since Julian became Xulia and they have come to terms with their new existence as a hyper-sexual daemoness in the employ of the Daemon Lord Mhaxual. However, an unexpected reunion threatens to destroy all of that...Warning: Extreme transformations, massive sizes, and altersex content ahead!