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073 – A Spell Awry

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Consensual Participation, Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Extreme Sizes, Foreplay, Intimate Nudity, Large Sizes, Sexual Teasing and Significant Growth

“Oh, come on, Gary," Janet pleaded. "I know you and Maya are in an open relationship--she told me! So what’s the deal? Why're you holding back, stud?”

Gary found himself in a rather compromising situation at his wife’s holiday office party. While Maya presented in the other room at the quick 'all hands,' her coworker and long-time friend Janet had taken advantage of everyone else being occupied and cornered him. Her sun-tanned face was flush, and she smelled of fruity alcohol. Her chest was pressed to his, her significant endowments heaving beneath her turtleneck sweater. From how firm they were against him, they were augmented to some extent. He had always suspected that was the case, but this was not how he had wanted to find out. He wanted to get out of the situation, but Janet was taller than him in her heels, so her raised arm kept him pinned. Her other hand was occupied with rubbing him through his dress slacks, her finger tracing the outline of his developing erection.

“Uh...” he said with all the grace of a jellyfish washed ashore. True, he and his newlywed wife had an understanding about both of them having sex with other partners, it had always been part of their long-running relationship after all. However, it was more structured than Janet probably could have fathomed. There were rules he and Maya observed. Chief among them being, 'always keep the other in the loop' and 'never fuck coworkers.' Those two things had been their oldest agreements, going back to when they started dating ten years ago, and Gary was dangerously close to violating both for the first time.

“Janet, I cannot do this right now," he grunted trying to slip under her arm.

“But this is my chance to have a go at that cock," she cooed, her stroking getting more insistent now that he was hard.

Her squared nail dragged along the prominent vein down his shaft and he felt pre-cum start to flow. That was enough for him. Out of patience with the pleasure she was inflicting upon him, he pushed her away and tried to leave.

She got between him and the door and put on a pouty look. "Don't hate me, Gary. All she ever talks about on breaks is how big and hard you are now, and how good the sex is," she added biting her ever so slightly filled lip.

"If she’s been that free about my cock, I’m sure she’s told you the rules.”

“Of course.” Janet pulled her sweater off, revealing more suntanned skin and a blue bra with black lace that was a tiny bit too small. Unlike Maya, who was slim and fit like a swimsuit model, Janet's body was soft and curvy. Her tummy bulged on either side of her high-waisted skirt's band. There were quite a few thin, jagged streaks of pink on her wide hips. Even so, the was no doubt that she was comfortable in her body. She walked closer, making Gary step back into the conference room table.

“Then you know coworkers are off-limits,” he said, but Janet seemed undaunted as she reached behind and undid the clasps of her bra.

“S’why I asked.” She shrugged off her bra, but her tits barely shifted down on her chest. She had no tan lines and, like her hips, there were signs her figure had developed a lot at once. “She said yes, by the way. Didn’t she tell you?”

Janet was already undoing his pants before he managed to get off a quick text with their code word asking for confirmation. Her other hand was running over abs so cut it was like he did core work every day. It was still hard to believe that he was looking down at his body. She fished out his enlarged cock just as Maya sent back her approval. He set the phone down on the table and shifted into a mindset more open to sex. If she wanted the new and improved Gary, she was going to get it.


All of this started when Kayah cast that spell over them. She said it would grant several blessings although she would not say what any of them were. Of course, their honeymoon was at a swingers resort, so they found out rather quickly what one of them was. It turned out that when one of them had sex with a third party, the other would grow slightly in one way or another. After that weekend, Gary had developed a guy on his way to becoming men's fitness model while Maya had morphed into an aspiring swimsuit model.

The spell, it turned out, had also increased their libido. Hell, Gary and Maya had fucked each other more in the last month than they had the whole year before that. The sex between them was phenomenal, magical even and nothing could compare to the fuck at the end of the night when they both got home and still smelled of others. It was as if them fucking around was deepening their connection instead of widening it.

That was why the rules had started to get tested. They were on fire; their bodies wanted sex--and they both wanted to be sexier for the other. In the last few weeks, Gary had put on twenty pounds of muscle, his weak chin had pushed out, and he was now sporting the ten-inch cock Janet was trying to swallow. Maya, meanwhile, had become this slim, fit, and stacked goddess who more beautiful than all of the Korean models on Instagram combined.


In the other room, Maya’s watch buzzed. She looked down at it as she checked her hasty notes. It was a message from Gary with their codeword and a question mark separated by a space. She assumed he was letting her know he was getting some action, so she swiped to the normal response permitting him and thought nothing of it. There were other offices having parties that evening; it was indeed possible for him to have found someone to occupy the vacuum her boss’ impromptu meeting had created.

She resumed speaking about how the department had been doing so well this year. They had shipped all of their enhancements with only two bugs. Their boss chimed in that everyone was getting a bonus. There was a lot of celebration about that.

While the staff cheered, she felt her 36F bra begin to tighten. The sensation was to be expected, Gary was probably halfway down the throat some cock-hungry woman who had no idea what she was getting into. The warmth felt wonderful as it spread over her tits. She felt them swell slightly against the cups, pushing against the straps and overflowing in a way that she knew would drive him nuts on the way home.

Putting the growth out of her mind as order was restored, she continued presenting. Filled with a renewed sense of confidence, she moved on to talking about the department’s goals for the coming year. Only, the heat was not dissipating like normal. If anything, her rack was getting hotter with each passing minute. She could feel her girls starting to strain her button-down and she turned to point at diagrams her assistant had put together for another presentation. Just who was Gary fucking? It had been close to fifteen minutes now since she approved his request. Even accounting for a little bit of foreplay--

Suddenly, there was an undeniable surge of growth, more than had ever happened at once. The second and third buttons of blouse popped off and the top-most one would not last much longer. She coughed and looked at her assistant, one of the few people she had told about her gift. Her fingers flicked one of their secret phrases. The charming young man blushed but nodded in understanding and stepped up to the front of the room.

“If you’ll pardon me for a moment, Jakob will go over the road map, and then I am sure you all may return to the festivities.”


Gary had come twice in the and yet was still hard as Janet rode him on top of the conference table. Having sex with his wife's friend, for going on thirty-minutes, was not what he had expected to happen, but there was something about her that prevented him from going completely soft. Her fake tits were stunning to watch as they barely bounced while she ground against him. Her ass was much plumper in his grasp than he expected. However, it was likely how she flexed her kegels in time with her movements which were the cause of the extended session. With every motion, her walls seemed to roll against him, caressing his shaft like velvet wrapped fingers.

With Gary on the edge of another orgasm, the door opened. They both jumped at the sound, and then Maya walked in.

“I wondered why you had nipped off to the bathroom, Jan,” she said. There was an audible click of the door locking behind her. “I figured it was just the wine, but this is something else,” she said shaking her head.

Turning her attention to Gary, she tilted her head. “Well?”

“I...ugh!” He thrust up into Janet as his eyes and balls squeezed tight for the third time. His powerful release was enough to push her over as well, and she moaned deeply before collapsing onto him. There was a twang and followed by a skittering clatter. He opened his eyes to his wife leaning over him, her cleavage rising like bread from her black camisole and partially undone blouse. There were only threads where three of the buttons should have been. It seemed she had popped a button for each of his orgasms. That was unprecedented.

“She said you had already approved,” he gasped. “I sent you a text asking for help, and you sent back the go-ahead, so I thought--”

“Oh? Was that what that was?" she replied with a sly smile. "A text with just our codeword and a question mark was supposed to mean something other than ‘can I have sex ?’ You couldn’t say anything more about asking for a special exemption from the rules?” She paused and sighed, before laughing to herself. “No, I can’t get angry at you for this. You did your part, and I did tell Janet I would think about letting her fuck you. Does this mean I have a freebie--not that I'd use it, but it's the principle of the matter.”

“That seems fair,” he said before groaning as Janet’s hips began to move again. “For, fuck's sake..." he said looking up at his wife.  "She’s insatiable.”


Maya had never thought of Janet as a potential partner before that moment. Between the rules and her friend's obsession with hunks, it seemed a far cry that Janet would be interested in women with the same intensity. However, as she watched Janet look her over, it was not the gaze of a rival, but of someone observing a person, they found attractive. The subtle lip bite as Janet's gaze rose up her body. The way her eye line lingered on Maya's tortured camisole. The glance away and back after making eye contact. Oh yeah. She was most definitely bisexual.

“Let me help with that…” Maya said. She slipped off her skirt let it fall down her legs. Janet's eyes followed the movement, and she licked her lips. The tails of her blouse just barely covered her lace panties, and from the change in Janet's moans, the tease was probably enough to get Gary going again. Maya fluttered her eyelashes and turned her back to them. She bent as she removed her panties and heard the sounds of fucking stop for a moment. Looking over her shoulder, Janet was not moving, and her mouth was hanging open. Maya affixed her coworker with her most wanting expression, a move which elicited a gasp.

Turning back around, she locked eyes with Janet as she undid the rest of her blouse. A button for each step until it fell away when she reached the table. With each button, Janet's movements grew stronger. She rose further off Gary's body only to fall again, harder each time. Clad just in her now ill-fitting bra and camisole, Maya climbed up onto the table to park herself on Gary's face. The first time she kissed Janet, she felt a jolt and then they were making out like longtime lovers. Gary was eating her out as her friend undid the clasps of her bra through her top. Maya sat back to let Janet remove them and was already panting. Janet threw the garment over her shoulder as her other hand came up to cup Maya's breast. Their lips came together once more, and it felt like utter bliss...


It had been several weeks since then and Maya was traveling for business. It was just an overnight, but that did not make it any less lonely--especially since the bed at home occasionally had three bodies. After the threesome, Janet had become a semi-regular fixture to their dynamic. She was as enthusiastic about sucking on Maya’s tits or clit as Gary’s cock. When they all had a chance to be together, Maya encouraged her to have sex with Gary while she basked in the feeling of her body growing as she played with herself before joining them. In the same vein, she had developed a devious fondness for making Gary grow while inside Janet. He was all for it, of course. So they worked together to synchronize her own excursions. She would go down on a guy just as he was getting ready to fuck Janet so that their third could feel the slow growth as his erection got even bigger than last time.

It was that combination of thoughts that had her getting ready to find a stud for the night. Since she still had her freebie it would be one hell of a surprise for both of her lovers. Fortunately, there was a swingers bar in town so she was sure she could find someone to help her out. She did message Gary to tell him he was going to enjoy pounding Janet tonight but did not elaborate further beyond a shot down her short floral-patterned dress as her now 36I bust strained against the fabric.

At the club, she was approached almost immediately by a couple. She was kind of gothy, with intense electric blue hair and makeup, a bevy of earrings, and attire that was covered in black lace. He looked like the frontman of a Swedish metal band, tall, blonde, and built. It was obvious that he was the reason they approached her. His gaze kept drifting down into her cleavage even as he stroked his partner’s tattooed arm. They spoke for a bit about the basics, Maya making sure to touch on recent test results. Everything seemed in order, so Maya joined them.

After a couple of drinks, Svdelka, the gothy one, warmed up considerably and began to flirt outrageously with Maya. Looking forward to what seemed like a threesome with her as the focus, the trio went back to their place.

On reflex, she went to send the code word, but her battery had died. It seemed like even the universe wanted her to be a little naughty with this. She figured that she had let him know sex was happening in a broad enough sense and relaxed into the embrace of the Gothic Swedish couple. They both kissed down her body as they fell into bed.

She was on her back, Svdelka between her legs and Anders standing off to the side. Maya knew exactly what was going to go do. He undid his pants and let them fall as his partner began to rub Maya’s thighs. Her fingers moved ever closer to Maya’s vulva and he pulled down his boxers ever so slowly. Just as a cock big enough to rival Gary’s rose into view, the woman ran her tongue over Maya’s clit. Much to Maya's surprise, her body began to heat in the way it did when Gary was having sex with someone. Only, it was not focused on her breasts or her hips, but her pelvis. The woman’s attention grew more passionate, her lips sealed tight around Maya’s clit as her ball studded tongue flicked back and forth. The feeling was so intense, that Maya wished she had more clit for the woman to suck.

Then, without any build-up or warning, as a clitoral orgasm gripped her. It felt like a see-saw had tilted in her body. Her boobs went down, her crotch went up. She could feel her girls shrinking slightly, her bust retreating as something else swelled. There was progressively more of her in the woman’s mouth, her growing clit grinding against the hard palate as the tip moved towards her throat. Without even a hint of hesitation, Svdelka's tongue wrapped around the new length, caressing the sensitive flesh in metal-studded muscle. Maya could feel the woman moaning as vibration traveled down her growing shaft. Her Gothic lover really seemed to enjoy this escalation as she was now fondling herself with her free hand. Her pale skin was flush and gleaming. Her wild hair was starting to stick to her face.

At the same time, it felt like her shoulders were sliding over the bed and she soon found herself with her head hanging over the side. Svdelka pulled back to tongue the end of her clit and Maya tilted her head back from the stimulation. She found herself kissing the tip of Ander's erect shaft as she looked up his body from beneath his cock. Suddenly very horny, she pulled him closer and swallowed him to mid-length. Anders took his time pushing the rest of his length down her throat. This position had never been her thing, but Maya was quivering with anticipation of being used like this.

She moaned, riding the unexpected high as his pace began to increase. It was not long before her entire body was burning up as the spell's reaction kicked up. Again though, it was she who was changing, not Gary. Maya grew more muscular, her thick thighs sculpting as her quads became more evident. She wrapped her legs around Svdelka's shoulders just to make the feeling of her calves thickening just that much more intense. Her arms throbbed as biceps and forearms alike surged towards thickness. Her core pulsed as abs and lats rose to prominence. Her back twitched and spasmed, even as she slowly rose off the bed. She was becoming some kind of Amazon warrior woman!

Eventually, Maya’s length had increased to larger than the average cock and quite a bit thicker than even the guy who was just about to cum in her mouth. The woman pulled back with a loud slurp and, although Maya could not see her gothic partner, she heard her lick her lips as if she had just eaten the best dessert ever. Maya realized that at some point, her clit had completely transformed into a penis as pre-cum began to ooze down her shaft like glaze over a loaf cake. Svdelka stood and turned before lowering herself onto Maya and starting to ride her, seemingly unperturbed by the development.

Anders grunted and shoved balls deep as throb after throb of hot cum blasted down her throat. Each glob seemed to make her stronger--and hornier.


Meanwhile, back home Gary and Janet were also fucking. He was pounding her in the ass as it was the only way she could take his whole length anymore. She loved it though, pushing back in him to match him stroke for stroke. Weirdly enough, it felt like he was not nearly as deep as usual with each thrust. A feeling which grew progressively harder to ignore. Finally, he pulled out and stripped the condom off. He had not come and was yet, his penis definitely smaller. In fact, it was visibly shrinking.

Heat blossomed in his chest and a sudden pressure was followed by his nipples stretching larger. His areolae spread as they and his nipples both began to rise. He realized a half-second later that he had just grown what were probably A cup breasts.

“Oh? Is this a new element of the spell?” Janet cooed before running her tongue over one of his new mounds. The feeling was almost more intense than her licking his dick when she was trying to get him hard. As if encouraged by the pleasure, his new boobs swelled in dramatic fashion. Quadrupling in size, they pushed Janet back as they spread over his chest. The weight of them was astonishing and another surge of growth pulled him to the bed as well.

Janet rolled over and began to suck on him, alternating between nipples as his bust continued to expand. Overwhelmed, he reflexively jerked his still larger than average cock. When Janet realized that, she rolled him over and shooed his hands away before gripping his length. He might have lost length and girth but his dick seemed to make up for it with increased sensitivity which left him bucking as Janet slowly worked his length with one hand.

His boobs spread over his chest and sides, their curves halfway enveloping his ribs. He could still feel them expanding as waves of pleasurable heat radiated out from his sternum. His hands wandered to them, his fingers sinking into flesh even more pillowy than Maya’s. They pulsed larger with each heartbeat, making it feel like his hands were sinking deeper.

Janet threw her leg over his hips and lined herself up, rubbing her lips all over his head. He throbbed and a small burst of pre splattered over her skin. He realized she had not put another condom on and then realized that even if she had, it would have been too big. Normally, if he came like this Maya got a huge boost. Only, he was the one growing tits right now. That would mean his orgasm would make his tits grow considerably and Janet seemed to know that as she pressed her hands into his massive, head-sized hooters and began to slam into him as if her life depended on it.

Five states away, Maya was in the same position. She lay on her back, her legs intertwined with Anders’ as the two of them thrust in and out of Svdelka. She was in the goth's ass, he was in her pussy. The feeling of his cock rubbing against hers as almost as stimulating as the feeling of sliding in and out of her partner for the first time. When Anders pulled out of Svdelka to fuck Maya instead, it was like a switch turned on. Somehow, Gary and Maya were as one. Through the spell’s effect on both of them, their sensations were shared. They gasped as one. They thrust as one. They came as one.

As Gary filled Janet, his bust swelled well past Maya’s largest size, the mounds of flesh almost too big to wrap his arms around.

As Maya felt her pussy clench around Anders even as her cock throbbed within Svdelka, she grew past seven feet tall. With each throbbing release, her dick grew. The organ pushing deeper even as her sheer size began to lift the woman off the bed. To her credit, the goth moaned and begged for more, but Maya, like Gary, was spent and finally going soft. The morning promised all sorts of problems, but at that moment Gary and Maya could feel each other’s heartbeat, could taste the salt of each other’s sweat. Maybe it was how the spell had misfired, but despite the distance, they felt closer than ever. It was like they were laying there, clinging together, with no one else around...

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