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Conference Call – Aug 25 ’19

Let's hit story stuff first.

I posted [218 - Like an Exposed Reactor Core] a few days ago and also posted 220 - Death of a Princess to [Patreon] and [itch.io]. I will probably have it up here tomorrow sometime. It is the first of what should be three chapters. Also of note, the gallery with the captions for the ["Her Story"] collaboration with [Graciart] has been updated to have all but the last episode. I scaled them down a little bit so that they were not the high-rez versions Graci puts out for patrons, but I should have the full-size images up on the Discord soon.

I am about 40% on 219 which is chapter one of a four-chapter story. I going to attempt to get the draft done tonight. If I do, will post a link to preview it on Patreon. There are a few new items to The Drafts Folder as well. [PubClub members can check out the whole shared folder any time], but here are some high-level concepts of the most recent additions.

  • "Monstress Monastery": Currently written in the second person, you, the reader, inherit a mansion from your Aunt. Upon arrival, you meet a woman who introduces herself as Tosha who seems to have raccoon-like ears. What awaits you as you explore what might be your new home?
  • "The Best There Is": An incubus employed by the alliance of peoples from all over the galaxy serves as a diplomat, easing tensions between parties with his unique skills. Able to shapeshift to match his partner's preferences, he is the best intimacy pioneer to ever work for The Conclave, but he is about to come up against his greatest challenge yet...

Sadly, I do not have any recommendations this time around.

Other things...

I am (slowly) working on some accessibility enhancements for the site. I have made a few adjustments to the site's style sheet to better support smaller and very high resolutions. I also want to have support for screen readers in place by this time next month, whether that actually happens or not really depends on how this release at work goes. It was postponed again last week, so I am sure this week is going to be hectic at work as we try to triage the last-minute issue and try to make the September release window.

Anyway, as always, you can reach me on twitter [@mistyfdfa] or ask me things on [curiouscat]. If you want, stop by the [Discord] to check out WIP teases and more, or support me on [Patreon] if you like my stories.

Until next time... be excellent to each other!

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