Misty F Fiction

Conf Call – 6/23

Hey all, Misty here.

This will be a quick call, nothing much to say, really. Between travel for work, release crunch, and other nine-to-five issues, this month has been kind of a mess, to be honest--however, I do plan on getting Open Sourced completed by mid-week. I am so close to done with it but am not happy with some of the mechanics. I ended up with some badly mixed metaphors in describing what was happening and I want to get that stuff right.

After that, I need to figure out what my priority list looks like. I have been down the rabbit hole for so long I cannot remember which thing I need to get done next following this story.

Anyway, as always, you can reach me on twitter @mistyfdfa or ask me things on curiouscat. If you want, stop by the Discord to check out WIP teases and more, or support me on Patreon if you like my stories.

Until next time... be excellent to each other!


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