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187 – Super Platonic

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW

On an emotional high after the meeting with other Lilin like her, Kezza was not even upset she could feel her pair of whip-like tails swishing back and forth as she walked through the city's artist district. Although they were somewhere else, tucked into subspace thanks to the disguise spell which made her appear to be a Korean woman, the sensation of them wisking back and forth by her calves was hard to ignore.

Her awareness of her actual appearance was not limited to her tails either. Despite looking svelte, despite actually taking up less physical space, the wobbling sensations walking caused throughout her hourglass build never faded. That the Lilin's glowing blue eyes shone from every window, she passed only reinforced the reality that her demure, business casual appearance, was merely a facade.

Kim Young was a lie she told everyone all the time without speaking a word. A deception which had become as much a part of her as breathing. It was a half-truth she had long since bought into, but her life was only an elaborate safety precaution. A holster for a dangerous, living weapon.

She shook her head at the metaphor, breaking away from the daemophobia she had internalized while growing up. Just because she was a Lilin of Dreams, a being most called a succubus did not mean she was any less Terran either. Though the world around her made it difficult to convince herself of that fact at least twice a week.

Despite two generations of civil rights activism, many still believed the near-mortal children of Terrans and Daemona to be far more akin to their Esoterran ancestors than actual residents of this mundane Earth. As she had found out, more than once, there were some around her who hardly saw a person. To them, she was just mana fused with an emotion, an elemental formed to feed on a strong feeling--and that feeling was sexual desire.

It was not uncommon to hear about partners disregarding the boundaries of succubi and incubi alike. It felt like no one believed a Lilin of Dreams could be raped. Part of that mindset was a heavily-ingrained "cultural wisdom" which presented the narrative where, as beings born of desire and passion, a succubus saying *no* was actually just them saying *try harder*. It was that mindset which required an incubus having to continually explain that, no, they weren't trying to get into the bartender's pants, they just wanted a refill on their whiskey.

Kezza looked into a bar where live music was playing. The room was filled with people, most were even having a good time. She mused entering, but a single step towards the open door made her feel queasy. It was like stepping into a toxic miasma. The mass of emotions left her gasping for breath as she staggered back, her eyes squeezed closed to keep the world from spinning.

"Hey," someone said, as she leaned back into a light post. "You okay, lady?"

"Yeah, I'm fine..." she snapped, hoping to prevent even more of a scene. Terrans, however, were sometimes too helpful for their own good. When the unseen stranger's hand brushed her upper arm, her physiology reacted independently of her mind. Kezza's body flooded with the attraction he was feeling towards her, then his rising lust as her pheromones began to affect him.

While she might not have felt sexual attraction all that strongly, her body *was* still wired to instill sexual sensations. As such, Kezza *could* feel her nerves integrating with his to deliver that well-known succubus over-stimulation which would ensure an explosion of the energy her body craved--even if her mind did not.

 Kezza jerked away, severing the connection before the burst of lust could be ignited. Her stomach was heaving now, her knees were weak. Just that quick hit from those few second was far, far more desire-tinged energy than she was used to. She was fortunate to stumble into a trash can just as she gagged. Although all it did was flood her lungs with more of that same lust-tinged miasma.

 Her disguise flickered, causing her drastically different curves to hug the trash can for a moment and she heard the guy gasp, and yet, he reached for her again.

 "Get away!" She yelled, smacking his hand as she whirled around. Now she was standing there as the real her, the orange-skinned, pink-haired bombshell that was Kezzabeth.

 "Whoa...Damn, you got *hot!*"

 Not wanting to feel even worse, Kezza flicked the symbols for a teleportation spell with stiff fingers and harnessed the encroaching wave of lust to vanish and reappear in front of her apartment a moment later. The Lilin was not surprised in the slightest as she vomited into another trash can with fortunate placement. After those heaves subsided, she found herself sniffling and hiccuping while trying her hardest to get inside before something else happened.


Upstairs, she drew a bath while talking with Sugari, who was naked in the closet, about what had happened. The pair of Lilin had met as roommates in college, and though things were tense at first, they had found themselves in this inscrutable, super platonic and very intimate relationship.

"I don't know what came over me," Kezza said, tugging her shirt up over her head. "Really, what was I thinking going to a bar on a Friday night?"

"I'm jus' sorry I got held up at the office," she said, her voice echoing from the closet. Stepping into view, the slim and stacked red-head was wearing a top with a deep plunging neckline that showed off every inch of her remarkable emerald-hued cleavage and not much else. "I should have been--*Geez*, Kez, that bra is fuckin' *humungous!* Just how big are you now?"

"This one?" She said holding it up causing her significant bust to jostle and bounce. "I mean it's nothing. Besides, you're just as big as I am!"

"Yeah, but... it looks like you went up another cup,"

"Two actually, though I lost a band so it kind of balances out." Despite her pheromones hanging thick in the air and both of them being half naked, it was only her energy that she felt circulating through the room. Sugari was far more focused on finding a pair of cute panties.

"So, that makes you, what?"

"A 28M--"

"*Shut! Up!*"

"Hey, you asked."

"Fuck, I *wish* I was that big..." Sugari said with a snap of elastic as she tugged neon green briefs into place--briefs which morphed into a thong as her bubble butt swallowed up the fabric.

"You really don't, they're so fucking heavy now."

"A small price to pay for greatness!"

Kezza laughed while rolling down her stockings. Though she could tell her slim and (honestly just as) stacked best friend was envious of her new measurements, there was no sense of lust either--and this was why they worked. Where she was sex-averse in all but a handful of situations, the Irish-American Lilin was almost the polar opposite of her. Sugari was vehemently aromatic. Her red-headed roomie's phone was full of numbers, and ninety percent of them were from, or for, no strings attached hook-ups. Outside of arranging sexual encounters, she hardly spoke to the vast majority of her contacts. That said, had a small circle of friends she was fiercely loyal to--Kezza chief among them.

As much as they had a hard time understanding each other's points of view, it did mean they had the widest possible Venn diagram when it came to discussing relationship issues. Their unique situation also ensured that they could be completely relaxed around each other, something Kezza had never managed otherwise.

There was just something about the circuitous nature of their yin/yang aversions which worked together to create a relationship that transcended friendship but was still very much based on them being best friends. Sugari valued her as a friend most of all, and so had zero lustful emotions towards Kezza. That crucial difference allowed Kezza to be intimate with Sugari in a purely platonic way since the contact was strictly physical. Sugari was the only person she had ever let touch her and Sugari was the only other person she had tasted because she wanted to.

"I mean, sure," Kezza said, sinking into the tub. "My social situation is way better than Gram had it but, my very existence is also a hazard to my own safety in a way hers never was."

"And your mom..."

"...Tell me about it. It's not like The Luscious Lady could ever understand how I feel. Oh!" She sat forward. "Speaking of, did her agent call you?"

"Ginger? Yup, that was actually part o'why I ended up not making it to the meeting. We were on the phone for an hour."

"Good!" Kezza said, sincerity flowing out from her as she relaxed back once more. "I hope she enjoys your tape as much as you and those--"

"Oh, shit--you weren' supposed to--I'm so sorry, Kez!"

"It's okay, really! They were so focused on you that I hardly felt anything and I'm sure my extra influence was, uh, helpful, I guess?"

"By the rollin' hills, it was amazin'," Sugari said as she came to stand in the bathroom and work on her makeup for the evening. "They just kept goin' and goin'! I've never had sex with one guy that long, much less three penis-ownin' partners. That woman had the biggest freakin' dick I've ever seen. I'm actually headed over there tonigh' for a bit--I want to try fittin' the whole thin' in my mouth."

"Must be nice..." Kezza said, biting the words of regret she had expressed more times than she could count.

"Oh stop," Sugari said, coming to sit on the side of the tub. "You love trying out new toys, so don't act like you have never felt the same--at least in those particular circumstances."

"It's just... bringing myself to orgasm is--"

"Nowhere near as satifyin' as the contact highs--trust me, I know. Tha's why we sleep together though, isn' it? We fit togever perfectly. Anyway," she said before she got to her feet and stepped into a skirt which barely covered her ass once she had pulled it up. "you're hardly starved for sexual energy. Hell, you masturbate more than I do! In fact, I'm gonna jet so you can--"

"Okay! Okay! I'll leave the light on."

"Thanks, Tom!"

Sugari sat on their bed and pulled on a pair of strappy acid green, six-inch-high stiletto pumps and then she was gone.

Relaxing down until she was under the water, Kezza let her mind drift back to that night they first shared a bed. The moment had grown out of months and months of hesitant, faltering discovery and much of the exchange was merely touching and being naked together. It had taken nearly three hours of relatively chaste caresses for her to feel comfortable enough to slide Sugari's hand down her front and between her legs. Even then, she flinched away the moment her roommate's fingers brushed her mons as a horrid taste filled her mouth. Still, she persisted. After a year of adjusting to the sickening amount of energy her body absorbed from intimacy with another, she finally rode Sugari's fingers to orgasm. It had taken another six months of fumbling before she could even try to return the favor.

Now, after five years of living together, those moments where she held onto Sugari were ports in a storm. They might never be a sexual couple, but Kezza was pretty content with how things were going. Slipping out of the tub, she toweled off and turned the tv on. She wandered out to the kitchen, grabbed a soda and reached into the dishwasher to grab her newest acquisition. The dildo was long, slender, and tapered. The warm silicone length felt perfect as it slipped inside. With it buried in her center, she indulged in the cleansing meditation that usually helped break up the energies she got from moments like what had happened on the street earlier.

Breathing with measured timing, she flexed her kegel's to slide the toy in and out while letting her mind wander. The encounter, the meeting, and the fight with her boss all faded away under the persistent working of her vaginal muscles. The whole evening passed like that, with her even subtly jilling once she was just sitting and reading with the TV on in the background. Finally, Sugari got home, though she was not alone. Someone else walked through the door with her. Someone Kezza was surprised to recognize.

With Sugari was Lethbaniel, the red-skinned succubus from the meeting. Granted, she was dressed entirely differently, her hourglass figure almost on display now with the various cutouts in her minidress.

"Sugari told me what happened, so I wanted to make sure you were okay," she said with a genuine smile.

"I think..." her gaze flicked to Sugari, who was behind Lethbaniel and miming just how big the altersex Lilin was. "I think I will be okay."

"Great! Then I'm going to head home, and I'll see you both next week. You two take care of each other, okay?"

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