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044 – Milk Suppressants

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW

Renton tried to keep himself busy as the minutes dragged by, but it was getting hard to ignore the situation. What had been his usual ten-minute jaunt down to Auntie's Food Truck for lunch had turned into something far more onerous for the Nezumi-touched young man. An unexpected brownout from the summer heat had locked up the elevator more than fifteen minutes ago. This meant that the A/C was dead but, mercifully, the fans were still running. He sat on the floor and tried to focus on his half-finished game of Mahjong instead of how high above the ground he was suspended. In his lap, the tip of his tail flicked back and forth in agitation.

The tension was palpable, progressively turning the heating air into gelatin--and not just because of the looming chance of death either. He was also trapped, alone, with his crush, Klyss from accounting. The grand irony was that he had just asked the burly Taurus-touched woman out for drinks the night before. She had turned him down. They had not spoken again aside from saying hi when getting on the elevator together moments ago.

While he was sitting, pretending not to be hanging in mid-air, she was pacing and mumbling as her cloven hoofs clacked on the linoleum. Her wild, fiery-red twin braids swung back and forth in time with her tail. The bright color of her hair drew his attention when the long strands fluttered in the air for a moment each time she turned. Then, he would catch a glimpse of the forward-flowing horns growing out of her frazzled locks and snap his gaze back down to his game.

What in the world had ever possessed him to ask her out for drinks in the first place? He had never been able to find the nerve before life took a wild left turn into the fantastic, and now she was, like, two of him--maybe even three. Her upper arm was nearly as big around as his--admittedly tiny--waist and that difference in stature was only further exaggerated by his seated position.

Besides, In this new world, women like her were into guys who had also become big and strong thanks to being bulls or tigers. How was someone like him supposed to compete? Rats were prey and prey belonged with other prey. It was just how things were after the bombs and the virus.

Before the virus, Klyss had been a tiny, petite woman whose parents were from Edinburgh. Now, she was well over six feet tall and built like she could haul a train by herself if given a yoke. While much about the virus was still unknown, even a year later, something about her genetics had been warped by the bio-weapon, causing her to manifest the physical attributes of an Ox.

Renton was fascinated by how the virus had subtly exaggerated her nose to give her a hint of a snout and morphed her ears into velvety-looking flaps while the rest of her remained mostly human in appearance. It seemed like, instead of making her look like the legendary Minotaur, the virus had run its course merely turning her into a metaphorical brick wall wrapped in a layer of felt.

Curiously, while the organization which had launched the string of attacks had been advocating for the freedom of the Guangdong Province, Klyss' patches of peach fuzz were not the hues of Asian cattle, but the rusty brown of the Highland breed from her ancestral home.

He glanced back up as she tugged at her collar to fan herself. She had progressively gotten more flush over the span of time, the pink tinge vibrant beneath the thin veneer of fur on her face and neck.

"Hey, do you think--" He stopped as something hit his shoulder when she turned once more. Picking the projectile up, he turned the plastic disk over in his hand. Was this a button? His gaze snapped up just as a second one hit the wall behind him.

Beneath her pastel-colored blouse, Klyss' bust had swollen a noticeable amount and was continuing to do so as it spilled out of her half-open shirt. Dark spots were forming, turning the pale fabric semi-sheer as the splotches spread to cover more and more of her top. Skin which was a darker shade pink of was starting to show through the damp poly-blend as something which looked like milk began to seep out of her prominent nipples. Seconds later, a creamy liquid was dribbling through her shirt and down her front to drip on the floor of the elevator. It had happened so fast that Renton was sure it was a hallucination from heat stroke.

“Well, I guess that was bound to happen,” she said, turning her attention to her bag as if suddenly growing a half-dozen cup sizes and starting to lactate were no surprise to her. In fact, Klyss seemed prepared. "Good thing I have this..." she said as she withdrew a bra with cups so massive it made Renton's head swim.

She undid the remaining buttons as if in a daze and Renton made a strangled sound when her heavy breasts flopped to her stomach. Undeterred by having an audience, the Taurus-touched woman proceeded to untuck her soaked, ruined shirt from her skirt and cast it aside.

“Uh... Klyss?”

"Oh, right. You're here," she said, her tone dreamy as she hefted one of her significant teats. The change in pressure caused the flow to increase, and her nipple expanded to accommodate as her areolae inflated.

"Isn’t it fascinating?" she asked in a huskier voice. "This happens every month with my period," she added as if that explained everything. "Not even the gene suppressants can do anything about this… addition to my time of the month."

"Is this why--?"

"--I didn't want to get drinks last night?" she finished for him, hefting her other boob to balance the growth out. Her eyes were glassy as she bit her lip. "No, well, sort of... I am going to be out for a day or so until my cycle's peak passes, so I wanted to--to--um..."

Klyss trailed off into a soft moan as the flow grew stronger. Much to Renton's surprise, her growth began again. Another moan, louder this time, grew into a moo as she slumped back against the handrail. "Wow, I--it's never been like this. I guess that study was--mmm!--right."

"Study?" Renton asked, his voice wavering as he felt his pants tightening.

"Yeah... It was about how one's estrus can end up heightened when around a partner who is also a Zodiac survivor--especially rats and rabbits," she said, stumbling to him. Her milk splattered the floor and his pants. The scent was far more alluring than he had expected. "That effect is even more heightened in the case of mutual attraction--something about matching pheromones."

He licked his lips and started to reach towards her passively offered teat before freezing. "Wait, I don't understand. Are you saying--"

"What I'm saying, right now, is that I want sex and I want it from you because you being here is making me want it even more."

"Isn't--isn't this like--"

"--me being drunk?" she finished with a smirk. "What do you think I would be like after drinks?"

Renton's ears dropped. It had never even dawned on him that was why guys took women out for drinks. It was just something everyone did. "Yeah... I supposed so. I don't want you to want me just because you're not--y'know, in control of your--"

"How about this?" she said over him. She leaned down and held up her huge undergarment. "Help me get this thing on before I drown us both and then... let's take this as if we had gotten that drink. Sound good?" (1301)

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