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Inbound from Tumblr…

So it finally happened.

Tumblr is going to ban all adult content and erase thousands of hours spent by creators while nominally curbing the growing alt-right presence and the epidemic of porn bots on the site. Honestly? Neither of those will be affected in the least. Exploitation, hate, and dehumanization care not for respect or society and will continue to appear like leaks in a garden hose that dry rotted over the winter.

At any rate, if you are here now because you saw my post there, welcome! This site is still a mess as I try to figure out exactly how I want to categorize things but, for the most part, a fair smattering of my stories are posted and more will be added in the coming weeks. Safe for Work (SFW) and Probably Safe for Work(PSFW) content should be freely available but I ask that you [register an account] to attest that you are eighteen(18) to view NSFW pieces.

Some other helpful links:

  • My new Ask form! — This is just a simple Typeform set up to replicate the much-loved Tumblr feature. Right now, I can accept up to 100 responses a month, however, if you all are asking many more questions than that I will probably have the bread to spring for more features.
  • My Story Index — A catalog of my stories on this site as well as their synopses. Currently, links are to this site, Tumblr, and my [itch.io] store, I plan on collecting up the Literotica links once the migration is done and Tumblr is effectively defunct.

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