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Conf Call – 9/6 ’19

Hey all, Misty here,

It has been a weird couple of weeks. I am up to my eyes in automation development at work and, honestly, I have an... unhealthy relationship with coding. My workaholic tendencies and hyper fixation mean I have a hard time remembering to disengage when I am working through something. I just get lost in trying to find why X bit of the program isn't working to the point of exclusion. Which, as you can imagine, is quite taxing and the momentum makes it hard to shift into doing something, anything, else. It is probably why I have been stuck trying to work past the same two pages on #219.

Going to pivot to "It Started With a Conversation..." and see if that breaks me out of my funk.

New Stuff

While not new, [218 / Like an Exposed Reactor Core] is up on Literotica now.

Backlog Updates

  • I made some small tweaks to 001 / Switch Hitting, 002 / The Best Gag, and 003 / Milk Makes a Body Grow that should also be reflected on [my Literotica gallery]. Now sure how much I will update others posted there, but I do intend on getting more pieces cross-posted.
  • 175 / War-Vamp: Origins - Originally just a doodle of a story, I worked into a much more developed handful of scenes which set up a storyline I will probably not get back to anytime soon (as per usual).
  • 166 / By The Silver - This was a request to write "the other half" of a werewolf story someone had sent me. They wanted to see what I could do with her off-screen transformation and I feel like that original draft was reasonable. Did some unpacking this time around but, really, the story is much bigger than a flash piece and (to me) it shows.


As always, you can reach me on twitter [@mistyfdfa] or ask me things on [curiouscat]. If you want, stop by the [Discord] to check out WIP teases and more. For those you who are patrons of mine, I am deeply grateful for your continued support despite my erratic output.

Until next time... be excellent to each other!

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