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[Ask Misty] – Spice Drop

So, obviously I goofed with mint being an herb and not a spice, but I feel that is like the inner/outer Senshi split. So yeah, the spices are the actual performers and the herbs are the support staff--which is why Nanako and Hitomi became good friends. The pair of them develop much of the group's core sound.


  • The Spices
    • Nanako / Sailor Cinnamon - Piano, Turntable
      • An accomplished DJ before becoming a magical girl and joining Spice Drop, Nanako is the heartbeat of the group
    • Yuro / Sailor Cassia - Keytar
      •  A second generation magical girl. The band as a cover was her idea.
    • Li Shen / Sailor Nutmeg - Bass
      • In Japan for med school, she became a magical girl by happenstance. Smart and sassy.
    • Alysson / Sailor Saffron - Lead Vocals
      • Mixed heritage, military brat turned fiery street punk with a love for American Hip-Hop.
    • Margaret / Sailor Sharena - Rythm Vocals
      • Despite being what is effectively Sailor Salt, she is actually super upbeat and optimistic.
  • The Herbs
    • Hitomi / Sailor Mint - Producer
      • Our protagonist, a trans woman using her magical girl powers to live her best life. Joined Spice Drop after a monster outbreak in Shibuya united them.
    • Sun-Ya / Sailor Rosemary - Lights Design
    • Sing-Ma / Sailor Thyme - Sound Design
      • "Best friends", they are almost always together. In Japan for another gig, they get hired by Sage after they become magical girls.
    • Sage / Sailor Sage - Stage Boss, Social Media
      • Not sure if Sage is her real name or not. Super Type-A, but also empathetic to a fault. Childhood friends with Yuro and Nanako.

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