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Conference Call – 2/18

Discord Server

Joined the cool kids and stood up a Discord Server as a community hub. I have set up a few public channels as well as spaces for Reader's and Publisher's Club patrons only. Stop by and give it a look.

Patreon News 

Stepping Out, the new PubClub Ongoing has started. Part one is already up, and I am working on part two as you read this. Hoping to have it up tomorrow sometime. Also, if you were unaware, I made some changes to the campaign. They were nothing major in the grand scheme of things, but I wanted to rebuild what I am promising into something I actually felt I could deliver.

Workflow News

I am into the eighties in terms of cloning stories from Tumblr, I would like to get another twenty done by the end of the month. I turned over the text for the next two scenes to Graci, so I will update Her Story with them a couple days after they get posted. I exported my Tumblr posts and also plan to clone some of the #important-text and #worldbuilding posts. If you see them in your e-mails, that is why.

Beyond that, I am about 40% on the initial draft of A Wish Made Thrice. I will likely share some of the drafts on the Discord.

Until next time, be excellent to each other!

-Misty F

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