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WIP – A New Position

Pardon my dust. The text presented here is an in-progress draft--it might even just be notes. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

  • She opens up applications for a new alchemist and eventually interviews the POV character, a very androgynous altsy enby named Autumn.
  • Autumn demonstrates an elixir which causes them to become two people, Summer(Super Femme) and Winter(Super Andro).
  • Summer and Winter each drink something else, and have sex, which refuses them into a hypersexual being named Spring.
  • After getting off to themselves with a messy masculine orgasm, Spring becomes a slightly different Summer.
  • Xurnami is impressed and offers them the new position.
  • If there is time, check in with Britney (the super busty quad boob altersex lady) and Claudette (the woman who became a lamia) since they started going out. Maybe have Britney be her usually flirty self and then take Autumn out to lunch after the fact as congrats while also meeting up with Claudette?
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