Misty F Fiction

Conference Call – 3/15

  • Since last time I...
    • Had my first comic published
    • Set up a Discord server
    • Saved the website from a total meltdown--twice!
    • Wrote four chapters of Stepping Outthe current PubClub Ongoing featuring modern takes on Circe and Calypso 
    • Wrote a few quick scenes for Her Story where Becka and Tasha make some new friends. I need to post those once Graci puts them up.
    • Made good progress on A Wish Made Thrice by finally tackling Ellena's introduction. Now for just a little more of a push to get that done and turn my attention to Phil's introduction.
    • Wrote a quick scene about a trans man using a strap-on for the first time (that will likely become a longer piece with "magical dicks")
    • Wrote a quick scene about a trans woman who chooses to stay transformed into her magical girl form
    • Copied ten stories over from Tumblr, and updated a few of them
    • I enabled ratings on stories

Whew--and there is still more March to come!

Anyway, until next time, keep being awesome to each other!

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