Misty F Fiction

Dinah Whitecloud


  • Inspiration Gallery (NSFW): https://imgur.com/a/Mm2D6
  • Stands about seven feet and nine inches tall.
  • She is in remarkably athletic shape with a t-shaped, conceivably masculine build--broad in the chest, big shoulders, significant traps, and lats.
    • Also has notably muscular quads and calves.
  • Her appearance is predominantly humanoid with her bovine attributes being mostly supplemental.
    • That said, Her brow sits a little lower than on a typical human, giving her a serious default expression.
    • The bridge of her nose is neither convex nor concave and the tip of her nose is a little on the shallow side--although her nostrils are a bit more flared, giving her nose an overall rounded shape.
    • She has a strong jawline and chin, a bottom lip which is a little plumper than the top, and cheekbones which project about as far as her brow.
    • Her amber-brown irises fill most of her eyes.
    • Her ears are far more bovine, their inverted cup shape opens down and their tips are around her jawline. They are covered in auburn-colored peach fuzz, much like the calf left, over a light brown complexion. Wears several barbells that pierce both sides of her ears.
    • A curved horn sprouts behind the base of her ears on either side of her head. The bone, which measures about five inches from base to tip and is widest at the base, is a pale yellow.
  • On the whole, her body is similarly fuzzy to her ears--with more hirsute places on her upper arms, stomach, pelvis, and thighs. Her very curly dark-brown hair is naturally short but shaggy and it flows down her neck to her shoulder blades and sternum. She also has sweet sideburns. She trims most of her ruff to keep it looking neat and shaves her chest as side from a small tuff at the top of her cleavage--think the openings in keyhole sweaters.
  • Like most Bovidae, Dinah has four boobs, which are uncharacteristically vast, somewhere between large and big on the BRA Scale, after some amount of pumping by Marra. Each boob is capped by a puffy, dark-brown areola and a teat-like nipple that is a couple inches log--the top pair of which are pierced with 6g rings.
  • She has a big muscular butt which has a tattoo on the left cheek. The tattoo is two diamonds crossed at 45* within a circle. The tattoo protects her from the infectious properties of those with gooey flesh, however, it does so by converting the slime to mass.

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