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Dinah Whitecloud


Dinah Whitecloud (29, F) is a Bovidae (aka a Minotaur) whose appearance is based much more on a buffalo than a Grecian or Spanish bull. She is half-Scandinavian and half-Native American, which gives her a light auburn coat instead of the typical dark brown of her peers. Her Grandmother is still very much connected to their tribe, which is analogous to the Lakota Sioux, for whom The White Buffalo is a prophetic symbol. While Dinah is, on the whole, humble, she does feel a certain responsibility to do good for Daen-Terran and Daen-Demi relations.

As such, she is a Historian and interspecies Anthropologist and is considered something of an activist by her collegiate peers–though she sometimes feels like that is them being dismissive of her genuine points about concerning happenings.

When not trying to understand and heal the social divide between those who are terran and those whoa re not, she likes reading crime novels and shoulder days at the gym, as well as hiking and camping. She dislikes gambling, Westerns, and willfully ignorant people. She is bisexual and currently dating Marra Evans–one of the first people transformed by The Slime Virus.

Since the rest is mildly NSFW, more about her physical description under the jump!

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