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Conference Call – June/12

Hey all!

It feels like June is just flying by, but I am also working hard again!

For now, since the art is still pending for the most part and working on revisions just seems to be stalling me out, I am going to put v3 and v4 on hiatus for now and work on churning out stuff from the back log. Things like a new chapter in Xurnami’s Clinic, a barbarian becoming a yokai, the story of how Vecilda became a Lamia, the next chapter in I Wish For A…, and also fun with techno-organic symbiotes!

As for the website,

  • I have fixed the issue with some of the Story Index links going back to the Story Index instead of the correct story.
  • I am also working on getting redirection to function properly so you return to the story you signed in from.
  • I also went through and approved anyone who had registered and did not look like a bot.
  • I really should optimize the new rating icons to size correctly for mobile.
  • A feature which is low on my priority is the ability to click on a link to older versions of a post so you can see how a story has changed and so I do not have to maintain a .r for everything.
  •   Anyway, lots to do–and today is Tuesday so ask me things!

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