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068 – Growing Embarrassed

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Exhibitionism, Non-Sexual Nudity and Significant Growth

Looking back at the day, how I found myself backstage with "The Brides of Blood" made up into some kind of monster remains a mystery, but I blame Lex.

We were on a date with at a day-long music festival--a festival which they had paid for. The Brides were among the bands playing the general admission portion of the day and I figured they were most of why they were here. Metal was hardly Lex's scene and I had said I liked them when the show was announced. I had tried to downplay my crush on the dual female leads, but from how Lex had gotten "gothed out" for the day, I knew they were aware. They could have been the fourth member of Babymetal between their stunning, lace-covered sundress and exquisite wig.

Saying that I had anything less than the best time ever would be underselling the day. Each group who had gotten up on stage played their hearts out and the crowd had loved every moment. It had been a bit stressful getting jostled about, sure, although I had mostly kept it together. My clothes were tighter, and I felt a little taller, too, but that growth might have been Lex’s real goal.

See, I'm a shapeshifter to some extent, although I can only change the size of my body. Ever since my liminal partner found out, and that my ability acted up when my emotions ran high, they had been feeling out what that meant. They loved to do exciting things and would drag me along. It was to expand my horizons, they said. The fact the I grew in all sorts of ways was just a bonus. for them--and me, I supposed.

Maybe it said something about me that I kept ending up with size queens. It had certainly been on my mind the last few times I broken up with someone obsessed with making me grow. Lex, however, seemed to care about more than just how big I could get. We had been together three months and, everything considered, things felt pretty good. Perhaps it was the fact that they also occupied a space where no one label applied consistently that made us more than just a fling.

"Hey, you," Lex whispered in my ear between sets. "I've got a surprise for you."

They grabbed my arm and tugged me out of the crowd and towards the backstage entrance. I could feel my strides getting longer with each step butt as their grip slid around my wrist.

"Easy there, chief," Lex said over her shoulder. "Don't wreck everything over this."

"I'll try."

Lex turned and pulled me to them. Their hands cupped my butt. "If you need an out, I'm here for you."

Taking a breath, I pushed myself to grow into them as I let go of the anxiety. My swelling cheeks spreading their fingers and I felt them shudder against me. Despite that encouragement I was still feeling quite mervous. "Where are we going?"

"To meet The Brides!" they replied. "I could've sworn I told you it was your birthday present!"

"Nope, you had neglected to mention that."

"Ah, my bad--still, they're here."

I looked up from Lex's face and my breath caught. The Brides were walking towards us. What was I going to say? I did not want to say I was their biggest fan, even though I had been to every concert in our area since their first tour. I wanted to ask them so much. About their music. Their influences. Whether they really were a couple or was it all just viral marketing? None of that came out. My mind went blank when they greeted us.

As my emotions roiled, I could feel my shoulders and back pushing against my shirt as my nerves inflated my muscles. There was a crawling sensation as my dick grew down my leg. Between that and my thickening quads, I could hear my pants protesting. The bridges of my feet struggled in sneakers which were growing too small. From head to toe, my muscles burned the same way they had after moving into my apartment. My joints ached as bones rubbed while growing.

Lex tugged at my sleeve and I looked down, only to realize I had shot up several inches. People nearby were backing away, except for The Brides. They were grinning. My brain decided then to remind me they did an entire concept album about giant monsters. As if seizing on that realization, my body surged larger. My clothes gave way, leaving me half naked with one long tearing noise. The surge of growth pushed me off balance and I fell into the temporary fencing put up to separate the parking lot from the venue.

I got back to my feet slowly. Lex came up to my hip now. They licked their lips while their gaze roamed my body. My shirt and pants were toast, my Spandex boxer briefs were just barely holding it together. I could feel my face burning from how hard I was blushing, but I was pretty close to my maximum size. So at least I was not going to get any bigger.

The Brides, however, seemed more wowed by my transformation than embarrassed. “Hey," one of them asked. "Did you want to join us on stage later?”

“Yeah," the other added, "It’d be sweet if you could destroy some stuff during our set!”

"Was this your plan, Lex?"

"I've got no idea what you're talking about--I just arranged a meeting with your, quote, favorite band of all time."

"We are, monster guy!?"

"Hell yeah! You're totally coming on tonight!"

The next thing I knew, I was smashing cardboard cutouts of monsters while they wailed on their guitars. It was the first time, ever, that I felt in control of being that big. I was up there in front of all thsoe people having the time of my life. They cheered me on as I "fought" The King of Lizards, The Bird Duke, and The Mothman. All the while, Lex was watching from the wings, a huge grin on their face. (1034)


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