Misty F Fiction

A Story Setting: Swords and Sorcery

Fantasy setting in the vein of Conan, DnD, etc. Magic, Hero(in)es, Epic Adventures, and more

202 – A Gift, Returned

In an appeal for protection from spirits living in the great forest, a nation's new Delle is gifted magical armor that belonged to her ancestor but, is the glimmering platemail really what it appears to be?

WIP – Tending the Grove

A legendary Barbarian warlord develops a fondness for a rundown mountain shrine and eventually becomes its patron deity.

050 – Paladin Threesome

A paladin serving the new Goddess of Fortune is tasked to explore the long lost ruins of an ancient Elven civilization rediscovered by a pair of goblins. What she discovers may mean peace between Elf and Goblin for the first time in an age...

024 – Taking Flight

In the crucible of a divine war, a cleric and a warrior found solace in each other's arms. Despite surviving against incredible odds, their toughest challenge still awaits them...