Misty F Fiction

A Story Setting: Swords and Sorcery

Fantasy setting in the vein of Conan, DnD, etc. Magic, Hero(in)es, Epic Adventures, and more

050 – Paladin Threesome

A Xintozian Adventure

A paladin serving the new Goddess of Fortune is tasked to explore the long lost ruins of an ancient Elven civilization rediscovered by a pair of goblins. What she discovers may mean peace between Elf and Goblin for the first time in an age...
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015 – A Simple Wish

The World of Witches calls to you...

While traveling, a self-made adventurer rescues a woman in the midst of a highway robbery. To thank him, she gives him his deepest desire and then points him towards the nearest town. Only, the residents of that town are beings which feed on sexual energy, can his deepest desire save him?
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