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Conference Call – 5/11

 Story Updates

Current works in progress...

Stepping Out: I am over ten thousand words on this story and am just about done. I have all but the climactic transformation completed and am hoping to have the story out this weekend.

Open Source: Last month's Reader's Club story is also nearly done. I have one last scene to work out, but have been focusing on Stepping Out. Would love to have this done before the poll for May's story ends.

Her Story: Graci and I are about half way through the current arc, where the principle characters are starting to interact with each other. I think I have all the pages up in the #Reader's-Club-lounge channel on the Discord server (if not, I will tonight).

A Wish Made Thrice: No real progress, have not been able to engage with the text. Trying to frame Phil's disagreement with his Mother over his desire to create fashion and her dismissal of that has proven harder than I thought it would be.

And in case you missed it...

An Expansive Hangover:  Story 100 marks the halfway point at the migration. I am a little bit behind where I wanted to be, but I suppose I am writing small updates to these pieces. Will endeavor to do less of that so I can focus on new stuff.


[Patreon] news now. There are two polls running, one for each tier, to determine upcoming stories.

For the upcoming Reader's Club story, the poll is between the following scenarios:

  • Scenario #1: A demonic summoning goes sideways when a witch and her familiar end up as one body. (April's Runner Up)
  • Scenario #2:  When her date suggested an "all you can eat steak" place, she should have known this was not going to be a typical night out.
  • Scenario #3: The cosplay dare turned out to be far more thrilling than he could have ever expected...

If you are a $1+ tier member, make sure to [vote for your choice] by midnight May 14th.

The upcoming Pub Club Story will be "Character at a party tries something new" which means we need to figure out what kind of party. The choices are:

  • Dance Party at a Con
  • Halloween Party with Friends
  • Christmas Party at Work

If you are a $5 tier member, make sure to [vote for your choice] by midnight May 12th.

Fic Recs

This is a new segment, partially to get me reading again, and partially to support other folx writing great work.

  • An Embarassment of Riches from [DeviLacroix]Jen has been hypnotized to get turned on when she’s embarrassed. All she has to do is get through the grocery store with no awkward incidents. That’s totally doable, right?

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