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Conference Call – 1/26

Hey all!

I am mostly happy with how the month has gone. I am making steady progress at uploading stories here and I have a dozen more to put up before the end of the month--more if I can manage not editing them.

As for new work, my collaboration with Graci, Her Story, has started its second arc. if you have yet to read the pages from the first arc, you can do so on the series' gallery page. Starting with this arc, new pages will be posted to my Patreon for Reader's Club members a day or two after they release. The entire arc will become public once it is done.

Speaking of collaborations, I am back into working on the light novel version of Split Wishes which will have illustrations from MoxyDoxy. I need to figure out a way to share updates to the story with patrons or at least be more on top of posting about it.

As for personal work, I do want to get the next chapter of Birthday Party done before the end of the month. I have had that hanging over me for a while now and while I fear that nothing I write will live up to the anticipation, I have got to get it done so I can actually turn over some content to my Pub Club patrons.

One other thing, while I am thinking about it, Changelog v3 was scheduled for Feb of last year and things never really panned out for it and now, well, let's just say I think it happening as pitched are slim to none. I have a fair bit of Wishing For Myself / Twinkling Wishes complete already, so I may just do a volume three with a couple other gender reversal and/or sex change stories. Otherwise, I will likely release the content I had planned to use for volume four. If you have an opinion, please weigh in!

Beyond that, ask me questions on curious cat, I tweet at @mistyfdfa, and you can help me pay my student loans by supporting me on Patreon or buying nice versions of stories on itch.io. Okay, promotion done--I have stories to work on~

Until next time, be excellent to each other!

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