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Conference Call – 1/16

Hey all, Misty here!

Just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know about a few things.

– First, I have a new ask box! Use it to ask me things, send me your thoughts about a story, make suggestions about the site–almost anything really! – Second, I installed a new search engine for the site so you should see better results when searching. I am still working on my tagging, but the indexing looks at every story back to front so just about anything is searchable. – Third, I am going to (make an attempt to) post more stories as just copies of rough drafts from Tumblr. I have been revising them a bit as I go and I will never get done if I keep doing that.

Anyway, yeah, search for things, tell me how I can make the site easier to use, read some of the stuff I uploaded recently, and, as always, be excellent to each other!


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