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[Ask Misty] – TF scene with two straight women?

In order of descending levels of eroticism, I would probably…

  1. Have them in a foursome with their partners and do a Midsummer’s Night Dream set up wherein the transformation vector, which is desire-based, ends up fixed on the wrong partner and the girls swap for some consensual cheating.
  2. Have this be a non-sexual D/s scene where the transformation inverts their power dynamic.
  3. Revisit one of my favorite episodes of Gargoyles and have one or both of them turn into something demihuman and go on adventures.


Originally posted by castlewyvern

Personally, I want to write the last one the most. In part, because I do not feel like I write enough (P)SFW TF stories, and also because I just realized that I have done exactly zero riffs on Gargoyles.

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