Misty F Fiction


A Present Fantasy

Contemporary High-Magic / Urban Fantasy

At the turn of the 19th century, our arm of the Milky Way moved into the course of two streams of opposing energies at the juncture where they merge to become the universe. Angels and Demons began to exist as manifestations of that power, and their children with Terrans tend to resemble most mystical creatures. Other Esoterran groups are Fae, Dragons, Aquaticians, and Oni. The chaotic swirl from being in this position has also created places where time and space are distorted, leading to the creation of Naens, humanoid animals across the spectrum.

Busty, Buff, and Hung

Contemporary Pulp Sci-Fi

More a state of being than a setting these are stories about women who break the mold in one way or another–sometimes two or three ways at the same time!

Comicbook Science

Contemporary Pulp Sci-Fi

Ever since the middle of the second world war, superheroes have been a part of the world. Nowadays, they are at all strata of society. From the locals who protect their cities to the League of Order who works with the UN to handle “bad actors” who exist independently.

Deux Among Us

Urban Fantasy

Gods and Goddesses walk among us, granting their favor to (un)fortunate mortals who strike their fancy.

Eros. Corp.

Contemporary Pulp Sci-Fi

Once the leading producer of products with dramatic, wide-ranging side-effects, that has changed since the company found itself under new management.

Epilogue of the Zodiac

Contemporary Pulp Sci-Fi

Ten years ago, a coordinated terror attack infected nearly half of earth’s population with a mutagenic virus which somehow altered their physiology to match the Zodiac animal which corresponds to their birth month.

Horned Crown Imperium


The Imperium, an alliance between the deamon tribes, spans dozens of realms, and influences hundreds more, but a rebellion is brewing…

Magical Girl Mint-Chan

Contemporary Urban Fantasy

Spice Drop is the newest JPop sensation, but its members are more than just stellar muscians–they’re magical girls.

Red Light District

Contemporary Pulp Sci-Fi

Set in a world that runs on the rule of sexy, Red Light Stories are all about the hedonism of personal transformation.

Ruby City

Contemporary Pulp Sci-Fi

Some years back, the trial for a new breed of medicine had some unforeseen side effects on a handful of individuals. Beth Rosen was one such person. Altered dramatically by the experiments, she set out to make sure the same would not happen to someone else. Now, she runs the augmentation research wing of TBD Co. and is striving to make the technology viable for its intended purpose.

Technological Magic

Contemporary Pulp Sci-Fi

The internet presents a final frontier that can never be fully explored, who knows what lurks out there in the digital world?

The Far Shore

Magical Realism

Fey are real, as are Magic, Spirits, and the like, but they are uncommon. Magical clothing, wishes, and more in these stories.

Witch World

Swords and Sorcery

After she created the universe, the Goddess broke herself into millions of fragments to fill the night sky with stars. Over the ages, those fragments have fallen and fused with women, creating a witch. At the end of the last age, the Dark Crystal Y’hquetz sought to make artificial shards to drain the divinity from her sisters but was thrwated by the renegade witch Kyrstarael. Now though, Y’hquetz’s influence is spreading once more and the world stands on the brink.


Sword and Sorcery

A world from an age not yet seen. Barbarians, dieties, oblique references to certain gaming properties, and ancient technologies left to molder.