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Conference Call – June/5

So, yeah… last month was a real mixed bag. On the one hand, life goals are progressing well, and I even had my first “pro sale” in a comic script that is entering pre-production with FutaFan Comics–Yes, I know, I avoid that word as much as possible but, I am super looking forward to bringing my admittedly different perspective to a “porn comic”–and I was encouraged to work on the script for #2. So, yeah \m/ n.n”

Meanwhile, I spent the rest of the month feeling like was drowning because I have gotten so far behind now that I am working+driving about sixty hours a week. I have also been hitting really aggressive depression spikes where I just melt into the floor when I try to make myself focus on anything mentally taxing. Part of the issue is a lot of these stories are ones that I have been working on for a while now, so I feel like there are high expectations for them in a way I usually do not think about stories. Not to mention, I have been writing as Misty for TWO YEARS now which, for my ADHD-suffering ass, is like reaching the end of eternity XD. I have been feeling the pressure to perform big time for the last few weeks.

The [c+a prompts] have been a big help in breaking up that feeling and getting me moving again–and you all seem to be enjoying them as well. On that thread, I am going to look at the older stuff to see if anything fits the model so I can get those requests fulfilled.

On a similar note, I am going to attempt knocking out some of the standalone pieces I have in my backlog over the next week or two. I need to wrap up the first arc of Birthday Party, and I owe my patrons (all of you really) the story of how Kylbyi ended up in the book in the first place. At the same time, I feel super bad about not having either changelog story even close to done -_-;;

Maybe you can help, [what do you all want to see me work on?]

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