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Conference Call – 4/18

First off, greetings to those of you coming from @acvalens recommendation article[link]! Welcome to my in-progress archive of everything I have written to date (216 stories as of 4/18/19). Some of my works, I think about half, are still only on Tumblr, however, my story index has links to all of them.

As you might imagine, a fair number my stories of feature trans or altersex women. Why the distinction? What does it mean? Well, I wanted to have a clear divide between erotica with trans characters and stories about sex/gender fantasies. After all, not everyone fantasizes about being/becoming a conventionally attractive woman with the cock of a stud, so I use the term altersex as a means to signpost sexual fetishization so people can choose to avoid it. There is much, much more that I can do with the term, but right now, that is what it is for.

Okay, that said, it has been a while since the last time I did one of these and a few things have happened. The monthly poll closed earlier this week and this month's story will be based around the premise: "You never know what will happen when installing open source applications..." Here's the first few paragraphs from the WIP:

[Initiating hyperdrive... Arrival at Blue Eden in seven hours.]

Andrei released the controls and sat back. They stretched out of habit, raising their arms and pointing their toes to relieve tension their artificial muscles would never feel but that their once-organic mind still expected. Even now, twenty years after the fact, it was hard to get over not feeling things anymore.

Sure, their frame's sensors collected readings about pressure and temperature, but it paled in comparison to the depth of sensation they had experienced through their skin. Outside of the shifting weight on their feet, there was no sense of movement when they walked. When they held or touched something, it always felt smooth. Hell, they might as well have been naked for the utter lack of sensation from their clothes.

"So, what now?" asked the brown-skinned fox-girl sniffling in co-pilot's seat. Her pointed ears were down and back. Her fluffy black tail was wrapped around her. It was obvious that she was stressed out--anyone would be after a day like the one she had been through.

"Oh, right," Andrei replied, not sure how to reassure the otherwise human-looking alien. They wanted to smile, but the cyborg knew the polished nanopolymer of their shield-shaped face would not move. "This is only your second hyperspace flight, isn't it, Omouye?"

I plan to have it done after finishing up Ch.8 of Stepping Out, the most recent PubClub Ongoing.

On the website front, I would like to get up to story #100 on the migration this week. I also want to update the page templates to show more meta in the footers to make it easier to find stories with similar elements. As it is, only the Wordpress default tags display.

Anyway, make sure to rate stories you read and, until next time, be excellent to each other!

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