Misty F Fiction

Faylyn Wright


Age: 35

Occupation: Software Engineer

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 270lbs.

Heritage: Scottish, Tunisian, Fey

Visual Inspiration: Sza

In-Story Description

[N]ot to brag or anything, but my wife was the very definition of MILF, and, on top of that, she had not missed a single chance to tease me since we got up. All morning long, she had bounced around the house in a Spandex leotard over tights like she was some extra in a Jazzercise video. The outfit—deliberately perhaps—was pushed to its limits and the only thing that bounced more than her rack or her butt was her hair. She had undone her braids last night to refresh the red highlights, so her waist-length mane, with all of its volume-creating spirals, was as free-flowing as a willow in the breeze.

— Ethan Wright


It seemed this evening's attire was a robe of black velvet that ended near her ankles and an inch-wide belt that had been made from braiding a half-dozen yards-long cords together and was now wrapped around her thick waist a few times. The line of the robe's lowered hood flowed down into a plunging neckline that revealed half—if not more—of Faylyn's attention-grabbing tits. For lack of a better comparison, their size and shape made it seem like my wife were some heroine who had escaped from the panels of a late '90s comicbook. They were fantasy perfect in a way that verged on magical.

— Ethan Wright


A witch on her mother's side via her grandfather, Faylyn seems to have the strangest luck. As quoted in [A Night in Her Boots]:

I mean, sure, odd things always happened around Faylyn, but they all had explanations; each event had a reason that as to why it had happened. The truth was, my wife had the kind of luck that ran either freezing cold or boiling hot and never in between. It was probably because of that fact she had developed a tendency to plan everything. Which is why it seemed like she knew that something was going to happen ahead of time; she was just anticipating an outcome.

— Ethan Wright

Family History

Faylyn's maternal grandparents met during WWII. While fighting in the North of Africa with the 51st (Highland) Infantry Division, her grandfather's unit protected a group of women and children who were trapped beneath a shop destroyed by a Luftwaffe raid. Faerie blood ran in his veins and that granted him uncanny luck, which, unknowingly, gave the holed up group the edge they needed to survive the battle to retake Tunis from the Axis. During those few days of confinement, he hit it off with a young woman who had been attending university in France before the war broke out. They debated philosophy for the most part, but the pair continued to exchange letters once the war effort in North Africa moved on. Once the war ended, they reunited in Paris and were wed a short time after.

Her grandfather's decision to marry a woman with dark skin was controversial at the time, but it seemed like his luck continued to ensure their happiness. Her mother, Alice, was the last of eight siblings and was born in 1956. Her mother immigrated to America in 1974 to attend university. There, she was exposed to LSD and found herself mentally transported to The Far Shore. Exposed to the faerie homeland, the traces of magic in her blood grew stronger. Strong enough to recall the spells encoded in her genetics. Unable to completely control her awakened power, Alice attracted the attention of another Fey-Touched, Fredericks Winters.

After a contentious relationship, the two were wed in 1979. Alice pursued a Ph.D. in anthropology and completed it before getting pregnant with Faylyn.

Born in 1984, Faylyn Winters turned out to be the first witch born in her family since her ultimate grandmother. Her childhood was rough, her peers just couldn't see the world that she did. Eventually (mis)diagnosed as having ADHD and Asberger's Syndrome. The internet, however, was a godsend. There were others out there like her. Children who had inherited great power. Despite the challenges, support from her friends online helped her through high school. Attended the Univerity of Maryland where she graduated with a degree in software engineering which she felt was very similar to spell work. Met Ethan through work and their relationship evolved over the next two years.

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