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Conf Call – 7/15

Hey there! We have a lot to cover since it has been a while since the last one of these!

Meta Misty – Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka

I ramble on about Mahō Shōjo tropes, depictions of PTSD in anime, and reasons that we can't have nice things as I discuss the anime adaptation of Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka / Mahō Shōjo Tokushusen Asuka.

Conference Call – 3/15

Much to my surprise, I have actually done quite a bit since the last one of these. It feels like maybe I am finding my grove again--or I have been in mania state for the last few weeks and I am bound to hit manic point any day now--Guess we'll see!

Conference Call – Back on my way

It has been a while since I wrote one of these and doing so feels like breaking through spider webs, like trying to take a deep breath after a long cold. I want to get back into the habit of writing these, and I need to start somewhere. I've been fumbling with the flint, but finally, I got a light to catch. I stand with a torch in one hand, reaching out with the other as I stumble forward in the dark to the next crossroads in my life. I know not the destination, but I do know the next few turns...

Ask Misty – The Appeal of Transformation Erotica

squidbuddy99 asked: What do you think makes transformation erotica so appealing? I include things like growth, expansion, gender transformation, even more mainstream, not necessarily erotic concepts like werewolves and hypnotism. I remember getting into this genre rather innocently, only somewhat recently getting into actually in-depth works like the ones you make (by the way, I kept forgetting to thank you for the amazing request you did for me a while back!), what do you think draws so many people in?

Ask Misty – Confident Characters

Anonymous asked: Confidence is so sexy don't you think? Not flaunting it like "worship me" haughty confidence but the "I love myself" confidence when someone is happy with their own body. Those people walk into a relationship and take compliments like "aw, thanks for agreeing with me." Then you throw a transformation into the mix and it's like "and I thought I couldn't get any better!"

Ask Misty – TF scene with two straight women?

anonymous asked: How would you write a story where two women are having a sexy and fun time with a transformation but aren't homosexual? The only thing coming to mind is both doing their own thing next to each other instead of with each other. But that feels like I might as well have two separate stories instead of one with them together

Ask Misty – Is A Balanced Dynamic a Turn-Off?

Anonymous asked: I don't follow all your work, but it feels like everything I've read of late involves some form of power dynamic. I know sub Dom is a big part of a lot of peoples kinks, but not everyone's. If anything its a bit of a cliche/over trodden. Real question: is a story with a relationship that has a balanced power dynamic a turn off for sub/Dom people?

Ask Misty – A Statement of Invitation

Short version: not having the words to discuss concepts about how sex and gender are separate parts of a person’s identity only deepens the irrational fears of those predisposed to hate towards “others.” Without the ability to discuss an issue, to give it a form people can integrate into their own awareness, developing a societal understanding is likely impossible and that only results in escalation born of desperation both to be recognized and to defend against the unknown–and that paradox, that inexorable tension, is one of the greatest threats to a society and culture.

  I do not claim to have an answer for this impasse, but I would like to believe some of what I write can help open that conversation up a bit more. I might not always hit the mark perfectly, but I promise to be as respectful as possible when it comes to writing what are typically vulnerable, intimate moments between people just starting to get to know each other. I want nothing more than to treat those moments of great trust with the dignity they deserve. I want to keep making stories about these moments which end in something besides cruelty.

  Many might say never having cruel things happen is fanciful escapism. However, if someone considers the premise that humans might actually someday possess even a small empathy for others to be an escapist fantasy too far from reality to enjoy… I weep for them.

  I write Speculative Fiction. I write the stuff of dreams and hopes and fantasies. I spin tales of fears and regrets and of doubts. This sandbox I play in is full of adventures in space, across worlds unknown, and through times unwritten. There are stories during times of peace and during war. This genre of the fantastic is home to billions of other people living in other times and other places. Surely there is some reality where being trans or even altersex is just part of who people are. And I invite you to join me there.

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