Misty F Fiction


Hey there!

If we have not ‘met’ before, you can call me Misty F–and, yes, that is a word play on Miss TF, as much of what I write features physical transformation.

With a B.A in English and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, I have spent the better part of my life crafting narratives. Writing as Misty, it is my sincere goal to provide erotic content that is heartfelt, genuine, and for more than the default male gaze–or as I say in my tagline: Smart, Sexy, Speculative Fiction.

What “that” means

In simplest terms, I write genre fiction with sex. More specifically, however, I write erotic stories which strive to be more than just “a wrapper for a hot scene” while leveraging elements from fantasy, sci-fi, and other genres. Really though, those four words mean far more.

At its core, Speculative Fiction is about asking questions and considering alternatives. Whether is it an adventure in dystopian future, an epic space opera, an odyssey through the historic, or even the chronicles of another world entirely, a speculative fiction story has something to say within the entertainment it presents. To me, the landscape of erotic fiction is very heavily male, outside of generally women’s-organized spaces like AO3. As such, much of what I feel is a subgenre with rich potential is wasted for want of physical and emotional violence upon anything not “traditionally” masculine on a level which is really only surpassed by Horror.

So, I set out to write the kinds of stories I wanted to see. Stories about finding identity and connection. Stories about exploring one’s desires and not being punished for being outside the Victorian social norms which still shape Western media. Stories about those who are queer in one form or another. Woth more than two hundred stories since June of ’16, I feel like I have, on the whole, lived up to that ideal.

If you want to take a look at my stories, they are all listed in my Story Index. If you wish to contact me, whether with feedback, questions, or commission inquiries, please email mstfdfa [at] gmail [dot] com.