Misty F Fiction

201 – Submissive Power

The text presented here is a rough draft which was never posted to Tumblr. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Implied Sex and Non-Sexual Nudity

“… and they meet in the middle to form a universe of life and power!” The power of the charge vibrated the air and Kayah took a deep breath before continuing. “Spirits,” she said finally, brushing a blonde curl from her face. “I need your aid to satisfy my mistress. Will you help me?”

The elementals she had summoned rose from their quarter candles and began to whisk about within her circle. Kayah shuddered as their essences caressed her sun-darkened skin, leaving behind streaks of warm, liquid wax. She raised her arms, inviting them to envelop her limbs in their power. They did so eagerly, quickly encasing her in a rainbow cocoon.

All of that energy seeped into the young witch, forcing her to grow and change to match the mental image she and Miss had developed. The sexual fantasies of two very imaginative women began to manifest as Kayah’s appearance morphed into something more bestial, more primal. The hardening wax constrained her more and more, as vast amounts of magic became even vaster amounts of mass.

Then, finally, there was a crack, and the new, taller Kayah rose to tower over her circle. Her hair had turned dark, and it fell around her shoulders like a stormcloud. Her forehead itched around her newly formed horns. Her acquired tail lashed at the air. Her bust’s new weight pressed down on pectorals and abdominals that twitched with power. She honestly looked like she had been carved out of marble. She dismissed the spirits with her thanks and gifts of homemade sweets just as the sound of Miss’ key sounded in the lock of Kayah’s apartment.

The way her eyes lit up just then felt better than all the orgasms she bestowed upon Kayah that night.

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