Misty F Fiction

153 – Just One More Cup!

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Consensual Participation, Explicit Sex, Huge Growth and Intimate Nudity

It was, of course, just her luck. This was always how things worked out when she took a big risk without a fallback plan. She had could tell, as soon as she woke up, that this whole affair was only a cherry on top away from being a disaster sundae. It could have been worse, sure, but as far as gambles went this was pretty much a flop. She had bought stock in a company that went bust soon after.

Meradi listened to the doctor’s accented apologies dispassionately while she laid in a hospital bed in the clinic’s recovery room. Her body was still kind of numb from being under, but her mind was cycling over the facts. She was alone and halfway around the world in Warsaw, she had just paid ten grand cash for a surgery that had not gone according to plan, and her train back to Berlin was in five hours.

To keep herself from strangling the surgeon who had taken over her case at the eleventh hour, her hands absently caressed the topic of discussion through the hospital gown. While still wrapped from the surgery, it was undeniable that her bust was considerably larger and rounder than it had been this morning. She loved the way it filled out the hospital gown which had been too big before. Her new size, however, was also smaller than what she had been discussing with the clinic for the last six months. After having tried on forms for her new size, this was almost nothing in comparison. She could have gained this much boob in the States and been home instead of on the dawn of a two-month recovery trip in Europe.

“I just don’t get how you inserted the wrong implants,” she growled when he paused. She pushed herself to sit up in bed and ran a hand through her short, sweat-soaked hair to collect her thoughts.

He went to speak, but she shushed him. “No, you listen. I’d been saving for months for this, not to mention busting my ass for longer than that to be in the shape to carry around twenty-plus pounds of tit, and you’re telling me you only got me two-thirds of the way there. I took off three weeks to travel out here and give myself time to heal before flying, only to end up barely larger than what my first consult in the States was comfortable doing. Can you understand why I am frustrated?”

“I understand your frustration, Mrs. McKell,” he said, putting his glasses down on the table. “But you are not hearing all of what it is I am saying. Sure, they may only be 550cc, but those implants are also experimental prototypes. They weren’t supposed to be anywhere near your surgery, much less swapped out for your pair of 800cc saline implants.”

“Wait… what?” Something about that statement was more absurd than she could articulate, diffusing her rant. “How… how did you not notice that?”

The doctor coughed, his accent getting worse as he fumbled to explain. “I had a couple of newer nurses assisting me. Completely routine, but they probably did not know the difference.”

Sputtering with reasonable fury, Meradi could only watch as the doctor switched on a screen and pulled up what she hoped was their malpractice insurance. Granted, she was in Poland and not the States, so maybe there was nothing she could do in that regard. Not that it mattered anyway, because what he pulled up were images of implants. She laughed at herself when she felt a thrill at seeing examples that were twice as big as she was going to get. Even so, she gingerly cupped her bust as she appraised the idea of replacing these as soon as possible with something bigger, maybe even going that large. Then she laughed to herself. So much for being done after just one surgery…

“This,” he said circling one, “is a traditional saline implant, much like what you had ordered, and this… is our prototype.”

He was pointing at what was conceivably an image of the implants she currently possessed. They did look similar to the saline ones, but still, the difference in size from the 800cc implants should have been caught. “Okay… so, what does that mean?”

“Ideally, we would have you back in a few weeks, remove the implants, give you the ones you ordered plus a bit more for your trouble, but…”

“But I’m not going to be here in a few weeks.” Her voice cracked like ice. She could feel a migraine coming on. This was just… great.

“Right, so… as things are, you are stuck with them until someone Stateside can do the operation. Although, once you know what you have gotten instead, I am thinking you will be keeping them.”

With a long sigh, she let go of her anger. Nothing could be done about the situation, so she might as well know what she had gotten herself into. “Okay, what makes these so special then?”

“A great many things, but for simplicity’s sake… they are our attempt to recreate a safer, more controlled Polypropylene alternative.” He said it so matter of factly that she was sure she had missed something significant.

“Polypropane?” Was she filled with some kind of bio-diesel or something?

“No, polypropylene. Silly String Implants.”

She still had no idea what he was talking about. His eyes flicked between her and the screen, apparently waiting for a reaction. Finally, he clicked his teeth and turned back to the laptop controlling the screen.

“They were, and probably still are, the holy grail in terms of augmentation,” he said, making a grand gesture.

Image upon image of the same six women, each with cartoonishly large tits, appeared. The more Meradi saw, the hotter she felt. She squirmed as her body began to throb. Why were these images so arousing all of a sudden? Until now, she had been telling herself that she had a limit and yet, for some reason, she found herself breathless as her mind filled with imaginings of her being that big. The thought of having all her clothes tailor-made to fit her absurd body seemed so decadent. Lounging by the pool in a custom bikini could be so… opulent.

“Are these… silly string implant highly desired because of that size,” she began, trying to keep her mind moving forward. “Or is there something else about them?”

“It is sort of a, how you say, chick and egg thing," he replied. "They are not merely just big, their construction itself is unique. You see… they grow endlessly which is how come they can be so vast.”

Images flicked by of the same woman who started out about as big as Meradi was now, but became more and more busty until her tits were not just larger than her head, but much, much larger. In the last image her almost perfectly round tits encompassed her pretty much entire torso. She was so vast that her nipples were even with her waist despite being almost perfectly centered on her great mounds. These could do that to her?

“They never stop expanding?” Meradi was surprised at the excited tremble in her voice. Maybe what they said about tattoos was true about fake tits as well and it did not help matters that she had a greedy, ambitious streak. It had served her well as a corporate banker, but it also got her in trouble on more than one occasion. She had not earned the moniker of The Dragon for no reason and that flaw was pretty much how she always seemed to end up in moments like these.

She glanced down and her bandage wrapped mounds obscured a third of her thighs now. Her mind spun. Just how big would they have to be for her to not be able to see her knees? Would that be big enough? If not, how big would be… too big? Did she dare go that far? Would she even be able to stop herself when it got to that point?

“That last photo, the one you just saw, was a two years ago,” the surgeon said. “This is her now.”

A video of the insanely endowed woman began to play. She was even more busty than before, her tits coming close to touching half her body. She was wearing what amounted to suspenders that stretched over her inhumanly massive tits, the stretchy fabric pulled tight like suspension cables as the swimsuit tried to manage her massive measurements. Even then, her thighs bumped the bottom of her boobies with each step causing them to bounce and wiggle dramatically as she walked.

Meradi’s chest twinged and she inhaled sharply, but whether it was from pain, panic, or arousal she could not say. Whatever the case, she could not pull her eyes away as another video began. This one had the woman sitting in a tub as two very well endowed men poured oil over her. The way they rubbed her maxed out boobs made it clear they worshiped her.

Her heated body throbbed harder as her developing boob fantasy evolved further. All of a sudden she craved being worshipped by her husband just like the woman had been. She squeezed her thighs together under the blanket and had to stifle a moan. No, she realized, not just her husband, but everyone she knew. Hell, she would hire people to worship her tits. They would get off on her lording multiple square feet of tit over her, and she would get off on that. The idea that she would be the unquestioned biggest one day made her bite her lip to keep from moaning.

Wait... what the fuck was she thinking? Did she really want tits so big that she was almost immobilized by them? Was that even possible?

“So what… how… how come that needs improving? They seem pretty good--if you’re into that sort of thing,” she added, trying not to let on that she was wishing her accidental upgrade had been for a pair of those ever-growing gobstoppers.

“Well," the surgeon began, "the real issue is how they grow, but there are side effects as well."

"What do you mean?"

"The polymer's replication causes irritation which causes the body to produce a liquid with a viscosity similar to saline. However, the polymer can cause dangerous levels of toxicity in the blood. There is also the fact that the strings are very dense and thus incredibly heavy. So we wanted to improve on that…”

A computer model faded into view on the screen, a date was in the top left corner of the window. As it advanced, the model’s bust line swelled. “So we wanted to find something which would grow faster, but not nearly as dense or with so many adverse effects on the body.”

She could not help but notice it only took a few months to reach truly massive sized. Also, unlike the woman with the string implants, this growth resulted in that fantasy tear drop aesthetic. She was going to be a fucking goddess if this was real.

He continued to expound on the goals of the experiment, but all she heard now was that she was the proud owner of a new type of autonomously expanding implants. A thought that stroked the greedy part of her personality and quieted her cautious side. As the animation looped, she could not tear her gaze away as the cgi woman on-screen grew almost as large as the one from the photos. According to the doctor, the implants would eventually result in not only a bustline even larger than her initial goal, but also a look, feel, and shape that would seem perfectly natural. It would be as if she suddenly started growing again.

Her fantasy of being worshipped was seeming more real all the time. She shook her head. No, that was not what this had been about, or had she just been lying to herself? This began as a means to show up her sister’s Mommy Makeover and Butt Lift, but, as she began her consultations, her greed ran away with her. Suddenly, it was about more than just her sister. It was about being the best. She wanted to be bigger than her sales rival who had gotten 500cc implants for her 35th birthday. Then she set her sights on being larger than her boss’ porn star girlfriend who had recently upgraded to 750cc.

In short order, her fascination with augmentation had merged with her ambition and desire. With each visit, she added another 50ccs until she had pushed the envelope past what many would consider normal or healthy for her first surgery. Over the last year, she had gone from someone who was just worried about her vacation fund dropping below seven figures to a great enthusiast of huge, fake tits.

Well, now she was going to be the greatest love for people like her. People who craved gargantuan mammaries. She was going to be the unquestioned biggest. She could already feel it, her tits throbbing as they strained against her bandages. With soft tearing noises they burst forth and kept growing. Past her ribs. Past her navel. Into her lap and then enveloping her thighs before continuing to grow past her knees. Their heat and weight felt wonderful, she never wanted it to stop. She spread across the floor, her augmented tits inflating like an airplane's escape ramp. She was pushing against the walls before she knew what had happened and it was only a matter of time before she broke them down...

The sound of her surgeon's laptop snapping shut brought Meradi, panting, back to reality. Her boobs were still wrapped. She was not filling the room. She could not help but notice the young doctor was flush and that he was tenting his scrubs just a little. It seemed her surgeon’s interests in the matter also extended beyond purely medical advances. That seemed like just the kind of investment opportunity she thrived on.

“Now,” he continued. “Because of how they work, there will be other effects as well. Thanks to the hormone cocktail that is part of the implant’s structure you will see other growth. Mostly lean muscle to compensate for the increasing weight. However, most importantly, there will come a time where the implants will just be part of you as their structure bonds with your own.”

She had so many questions about that statement, but ‘how soon?’ was what came out first.

“Tests have shown as early as six weeks in favorable environments and a maximum of two years, but the average is six months. In that time they will grow to more than double their volume before the growth tapers off.”

Mind reeling at the possibilities, she felt a grin creep over her face as she put her plan into action. “So, how are you going to make this up to me then? Obviously you can’t remove them now and from what you are saying, they could be part of my body in as little as six weeks. It seems like you’ve trapped me with these things.”

“But they are also a great gift–”

“A gift? I guess, I mean you’ve just doomed me to ever-growing breasts for the foreseeable future.” She threw her blanket aside and climbed out of bed. As she did, the hospital gown came undone, revealing her bandaged and augmented bust. Letting herself drop into the sex kitten persona she roleplayed with her husband, she hooked her finger into the doctor’s collar and pulled him to her.

His eyes snapped down to her considerable mounds and he gulped.

“How about this, you give me half my money back and I agree to return in six months when these babies are part of me and let you do some science? Better yet,” she said, pushing him back into his seat so she was straddling his leg and her tits were scant inches from his chest. “How about you pay me a stipend for being a research partner to cover costs and I’ll send you regular briefings about just how much I’ve grown? I’ll even send them Right. To. Your. Inbox. How’s that sound, hmm?”


Eight Weeks Later...

Meradi felt everyone’s eyes on her as she and Keith left dinner at the very upscale five-star venue. She had buttoned her long coat under her bust and let the collar drape down her arms in an effort to further accentuate her big, round tits as they rose out of a sweetheart dress she never would have dared to wear before. The dress was pure sex--and so was she, really. Not only was the just at the cusp of flashing the recovery bra, the cutout back plunged from below her shoulder blades nearly to her butt and the slit was dangerously close to showing off her expensive lace and silk panties. It was, however, thrilling to be dressed this sexy and to unequivocally feel that she deserved that thrill.

Her tits were still obviously super fake at this point as they rose stiffly from her chest, their curve just visible from behind if she raised her arms. Because of their shape, they looked freakishly large on her, nevermind that they were only half as big as she had wanted to go.

At least Keith had been nothing but supportive the whole time and while she was somewhat dreading returning home to her friends and colleagues, she knew many of them would be excited for her and those that were not would be dying of jealousy. In the world of high powered money marketing, one's appearance was everything. Of all the expensive accessories she could have bought, a boob job was one of the most exquisite. It was inevitable that she would be called horrid things at the office, but she would also be Queen Bitch until someone else went further.

As her thoughts turned to her husband, she glanced down at him. They were about the same height normally, but the dress’ matching heels added four inches. Even so, her fairly hunky husband was all smiles while dressed in his new, freshly tailored suit. She made sure his shoulder was just grazing her bust as she held his arm in a way that played up the evening’s power exchange. She was his arm candy tonight, the same way he had been hers in Versailles.

The seesaw action of whom between them was dominant was the basis of their relationship. They had started out rivals, traders in the same company competing for commissions. However, they eventually reached a truce and then as a united front, absolutely wrecked their peers, rising through the firm’s ranks as their partnership became a full-blown romance.

With her wellspring of ambition, she was usually the more dominant out of the two of them and all the confidence she had accrued over the last two months had only intensified her comfort in that role. Tonight, however, was out of her hands and she could not have been more pleased. She was not the one who had insisted they go all out because this was the last night of their trip. Keith had. It was as if he read her mind when he presented his reasoning that tomorrow they would return to their normal lives. Their chances to go out to a super fancy dinner alone would narrow significantly.

It would also no longer just be them who knew. During the trip, her transformation from flat to stacked had been something that only they truly shared, but soon enough they both would have friends, coworkers, and family to contend with. That they had managed to keep her change off of Facebook was a cover-up on par with Area 51.

In an uncharacteristic display of dominance, her husband had made all the arrangements by himself over the last couple of days while they were in London touring. The most impressive of which was this dress. He had gotten her measured without letting on that it was part of his plan. While she was otherwise occupied, he had picked it out. The first time she had seen it was when he presented it to her an hour ago with a mischievous grin on his handsome face. She had planned to wear something else, but how could she say no to such a powerful gesture?

She was astonished by how hot him dressing her turned out to be. Knowing that he had picked everything but the post-surgery bra for her to wear made watching him watch her throughout dinner some of the most exciting foreplay in their three years of marriage. It felt like she had no secrets from him, that there was nothing between her soul and his lips as he kissed her. So when he stopped at the hotel bar to arrange for drinks, she popped upstairs to make sure tonight was the night they got to do more than mutual masturbation and intimate aftercare.

Honestly, it was not like she had been completely deprived. She did the full-on dominatrix thing for the couple nights while they were in Germany to let off some steam about the restriction on intercourse until she was healed. The rush of being thoroughly in command had only been intensified by the way Keith had worshiped her new assets. It still made her shudder just thinking about it, though she regretted hardly having anything kinky to wear at the time. She had joked afterward about buying some latex clothes and a whip and she was pretty sure those things would be waiting on their doorstep along with all manner of other things.

Outside of an encore performance in France, Keith had also gone down on her a few times during the recovery period and she had had some fun in the shower with her new favorite toy, but neither of them had wanted to risk injury from the gyrations of intercourse. As such, she had only had a couple intense, but brief moments of release in what felt like an eternity and her being backed up like this was a flood waiting to happen…

The moment the door closed behind her, Meradi undid the clasps and let the surgical shelf bra fall from her chest for what she hoped was the last time. She did not want to wear it tomorrow as they finally made their way home from Heathrow. Instead, she had a comfy sports bra to keep herself from jiggling too much.

Her Polish surgeon, Oskar, had okayed it during their last Skype call. He also restated many of the warnings he had told her, the entire list of which was tucked away in her backpack. Most of them involved the implants doing weird things to her mental state, but she had yet to notice anything out of the ordinary in terms of temperament, libido, or other such things.

Upon walking into the bathroom, she realized that even with the supportive garment removed, her stuffed tits held the dress up completely on their own. She took a few selfies to send to Oskar to track her progress and then stripped down and began to appraise her girls in the mirror. It was something she had done each morning and night since she had been allowed to remove the bandages.

It looked like she had somehow strapped a pair of soft foam balls to her chest. The almost perfect orbs curved suddenly up from her chest while straining her sides and pulling her Tail of Spence into a tight shelf along the front of her shoulder. Everything about her upper body was strained by her new tits. In a sense, she was happy that she had ended up smaller for now. It meant her body had time to adapt to what was coming.

Because if Oskar could be believed, as she and Keith played with them, they would relax and expand into her true fantasy size. The growth would, of course, fuel more growth. As with each new cup size gained and each new inch added to her bust, there would be more breast tissue to stimulate and more stimulation would mean she grew larger, faster. She could not wait to get started in earnest.

They had already grown a little bit from the slightly painful aftercare massages. She had hoped the twice a day rubbings would have gotten more pleasurable as time passed, but with how strained her breast tissue was, discomfort was all she seemed to feel. Today though, today she was not feeling sore at all. She was already vibrating with anticipation that tonight was the night especially after the warm-up eye fucking at dinner. So when her dark nipples perked up in the chill air, she could not help but tentatively pinch them.

Truth be told, she had worried about losing some sensitivity to the surgery and up until now, she had been kind of numb from the swelling. It turned out she need not have worried. If anything, as electric pleasure arced over her tight tits, she had gotten more sensitive. With each tweak, bolts of stimulation rushed down her body, pinging her clit.

Her fingers began to tug, their grip moving down to her areolae, and she turned to slump into the sink as she moaned while imagining what her husband--no, her Master's lips would feel like. She could not wait to straddle Him tonight. She craved the feeling of His cock inside her and then there was the anticipation of feeling her new tits bounce for the first time. All of that would be off the table, however, if she did not stop now and finish her inspection.

She bit her lip and forced herself to stop tweaking her nips. Her disappointed fingers moved on to check the incisions. The soft scars just above the root of her underbust no longer stung the way they had up until very recently. Smiling like a kid at Christmas, she bounced to her toes a few times and the feeling of her bust wobbling as it rose and fell was not painful in the slightest. Over the moon, she rushed to get ready. She moaned slightly more with each bounce of her boobs as she crossed the room to one of their suitcases. Rummaging for a moment, she found her favorite six-inch dildo and the bottle of lube. Greasing up the toy, she wasted no time putting it in.

Her clenched thighs held it in place as she poured more lube over her bust and began to softly knead. Feelings like static shocks followed her fingers, she could almost feel a buzz between her fingertips and her skin. She pushed a little harder, her fingers really pressing into her fake tits for the first time. The tightness was an unbelievable turn on. These were no longer mammaries for feeding children she never planned on having, they were emblems of her sexuality and, boy, did being sexy feel great.

Curious as to just how big she was, she spread her hands wide in an attempt to grasp all of her stiff tits. Her splayed fingers barely reached around the exaggerated curves. Nonetheless, she squeezed and it was like a bolt of lightning had struck her pussy as she came like never before. From head to toe, her body was wracked with spasms as overloaded nerves began to fire. Even with her legs clenched like a vice, she could feel the dildo slipping out from how tight she was squeezing. Try as she might to hold it in, the contractions of her kegels ejected the toy onto her quivering thighs. The weight of the fake dick on her legs felt surprisingly good and that gave her an idea.

Rolling off the bed, she experienced a new sense of flowing motion on her chest. Her hands flew up and she found that her tits’ overstuffed spherical shape had relaxed just a little, letting them jiggle a bit like gelatin. Craving more of that sensation, her fingers began to rub circles over her nipples with ever more pressure. They were already perked up, but she could swear they were getting bigger with each orbit.

She dumped more lube on herself, letting it splatter her thighs. With her skin now slick, her petting intensified. Digging in with her fingertips, she could almost feel the shell of her implants behind her nipples. Working the sensitive peaks of her boobs was the most enjoyable thing she had ever experienced. For what felt like an hour she rubbed, massaged, pulled, and twisted until a flick made her vagina twitch. At the same time, she felt the implants pulse. Her sensitivity skyrocketed for apparently no reason and the next touch sent her shooting over the moon.

Collapsing back onto the bed, she was sore like she had fucked until beyond exhausted. When her back hit the mattress, she experienced another wave of satisfyingly heavy wobbling from her bust. Laying there, with her arms splayed out, she basked in the afterglow of her second orgasm in mere minutes as she waited for her body to recover. It had other ideas.

Even though she was no longer touching herself, she could still feel her fingers on her skin. Responding to the phantom pleasure, her sensitive nips throbbed harder and harder until her stiff tits were actually twitching and all the while she felt a pressure growing behind her areolae. She could actually see them rising up and inflating before her eyes. A tentative touch confirmed they had indeed somehow plumped up. From how springy they felt, it was like the implants had somehow changed to give her that shape, transforming her once flat areolae into wide hills of dark skin. Just what had she gotten herself into?

She lay there pondering that for a moment while trying to find the strength to get to her feet. Her heavy chest wiggled again, but she bit her lip and stumbled to their bags on shaky knees. Kneeling down, she began to rummage for something she had picked up as a gag. When she did not find it right away, one of her hands wandered back to her boob and began to tweak her nipple. Curious, she moved down to circle her raised areolae. It felt like an egg-shaped gummi was resting just below her skin. Pinching the circle tight, she slid her grip up so that both nip and its fleshy corona were wrapped in her fist.

Rolling her fingers back and forth like when she jerked off Keith, she found herself panting within seconds. As a result, by the time she found the huge, horse-shaped dildo, she was already close to the edge again. Not even bothering with the bed, she poured the remaining lube all over her tits, threw the empty bottle over her shoulder, gripped her other nipple the same way, and began to rub herself along the mottled pink and black length.

The sensation of actually having something, anything, between her tits was so completely new, she had no idea if experiencing intense pleasure was typical or another result of the implants seemingly putting her body into overdrive. All she knew was that it felt so good she lost track of herself for a moment. Somehow, she had ended up sitting on her heels and straddling the fake balls to keep the toy in place as she used her whole body to stroke the massive dick. The artfully raised raphe ground against her clit as she moved, only serving to further heighten the sensations crashing over her body.

Her bustline seemed to have swelled during her white-out. Her tits certainly felt more spongy and wobbly as her now raging desire bid her smoosh them around the rubber dick so hard she could almost grip it. Even if she had not actually grown yet, it appeared she was on the cusp of gaining more than a few inches. Little by little, she started to feel her skin surpassing the girthy toy. It felt so good to be growing like this, but the lube was also drying up, making her start to stick to tacky rubber.

Shifting her grip to hug her bust with one arm, she was surprised she could manage to encompass so much flesh and rubber. Using her stranglehold on the cock for balance, she transferred her sexual energy into grinding her hot, throbbing crotch harder against the dildo’s base while digging for a second bottle of lube. A deep breath pulled her nipples and areolae above her arm and she began to swing her grip to tease them.

When she finally found the extra bottle, she simply twisted the lid off and let it flow in gloopy waves over her heated mounds and the fat, fake phallus. It was so much lube at once, and more than she had ever used, but it never felt like enough even as her tits began to take on a glaze, not unlike candied apples. The slippery goo was rolling down the phallus in great globs, coating her torso and pooling in her lap before running down her thighs to the wood floor. The slick flood increased the potency of her grinding as the movement became progressively more frenetic and demanding.

She was swimming in lube and yet, she kept pouring dollop after dollop of clear fluid over her body. As the flow and weight of the gel grew more and more insistent, she became ever more aware of how much her entire body was throbbing with need. Finally, the bottle was empty and she grasped her soaking, slippery tits and really began to use her whole body in the pursuit of pleasure.

Her boobies were undeniably larger now as they came close to fully enveloping the epic cock. She could feel the curves on the other side of the great shaft starting to brush past each other, then bounce into each other. Leaning into the boob job, she pulled the dick against her chest and marveled at the feeling of her significant improvements squishing impossibly against each other. Something about them permitted more give than should have been possible because when she released them, they sprang back to a firm shape. Granted, that shape was now more like an egg than a sphere, but it was still one no natural breast could have achieved.

Returning to her play, she leaned over too far and found herself lying on the cock, but that hardly stopped her. The floor was slick with lube and now her stroking the cock also drug her nipples along the lacquered edges of the wood paneling. She was humping the balls empathically now, almost like she was trying to shove them inside. Which is just when Keith opened the door.

“The dam broke I see,” he said with a warm laugh. The door closed behind him. She heard his shoes hit the floor. Heard his coat slide off before he picked up a hanger. His belt clacked as he undid it and then pulled it through the loops. His footfalls were soft as he walked over.

“Yeah…” she said, looking back over her shoulder. She smiled at him and then laughed nervously. Her hips continued to move, seemingly of their own accord. “It was just… so… intense. I can’t… I can’t stop. It feels so, so good!”

“It’s okay, I felt something like this would happen after you told me the implants could cause some mood swings and you went two weeks without a good fucking.” He cleared his throat. “Do you… want me to be in charge tonight?”

She nodded and then sank into a being a submissive when she heard the belt crack as he snapped the halves together.

“If that’s the case, kitten has been very bad. Look at the mess you’ve made of the hotel’s floor, my pet. What am I going to do with a pet who is so destructive?”

In her sex-saturated mindset, just hearing him putting on a dominant tone pushed her over the edge. When she opened her mouth to answer, only a shuddering moan escaped as her hips began to buck into the dildo.

“That’s no good,” he said admonishingly. “It seems my unruly pet needs to be disciplined.” There was no warning before the belt hit her ass the first time. The impact rushed over her body, mingling with her subsiding orgasm to keep her humming with stimulation. He counted out loud to ten before hitting her again, the same as they had practiced. Slowly, methodically, he spanked her nine times and every blow made her moan louder than the last, made her throb harder than she thought possible. The energy of each strike rippled through her, only to be absorbed by her implants.

Before the tenth smack, her knees slid out from under her and she collapsed around the giant dong. She heard his pants come undone. His knees made a splat in the puddle of lube. His fingers dug into her hips, pulled her back up. The tails of his dress shirt tickled her sore butt as he undid the buttons. Finally, though, she felt him rubbing his cock against her. She begged to be fucked, not just because her role demanded it, but because she truly wanted to experience him doing his absolute best when she was already so raw, so overpoweringly turned on.

Once he began to thrust, the sensation of his hips crashing her developing bruises combined the pleasure of penetration with the sharp pain of punishment. The twin sensations mingled as he began to pound her with an intensity she had never felt from him before. His fingers grabbed her short hair, he yanked her back, making her bust bounce with each impact.

”Yes! Yes, oh Keith!… mmm… ah. Yes, yes, YES!

It was another night at a very nice hotel, although months had passed since that night in London. She had just cum for the first time in nearly eight hours and she was hoping for two more before they went out for this surprise he had lined up for her. Keith continued to drive into her wanting pussy with a power and precision born from having sex twice a day on average for the better part of a year. The slightly hunky investment banker she had married had developed into a true Adonis in the crucible of her new libido. His body was not the only thing that had leveled up, he knew exactly how to please the woman she had become.

Right now the thing she wanted most was being tied to the bed so she was on her knees, effectively laying on her massive tits as he did her doggy style and his fingers squeezed her noticeably enlarged ass. Her hands were bound behind her back, leaving her to bounce and jiggle on her impossibly full endowments. Even now, with the implants fused to her on a genetic level, their firmness remained. So although her tits hung to her hips when she stood, they did so while also curving out in front of her in a cartoonish approximation of a teardrop. They were just big enough that she had to stretch to reach her nipples and it was likely they would pass that point soon if past growth was any indication.

She felt him begin to twitch inside her. He pushed in with an animalistic grunt. Then there was the sensation of cum filling her, flooding her vagina with heat and protein. Her kegels flexed, drawing his spunk further inside while also milking him for more. He groaned from the overstimulation and pulled out.

“I can go again in a bit. Just… give me second to catch my breath.”

Her sitting back was a physical miracle, but her taut, strangely concentrated muscles did the job even as her heavy hangers fought to keep her pinned to the bed. They slid back as she did, crawling up her thighs until they monopolized her lap. Letting her wide ass settle into her curled feet, she turned to look at him over her shoulder.

“Or you could untie me and I could get you hard. Right. Now.”

He was supposed to be dominating her, but something about her begging tone overrode any other control. The slipknots came undone in a moment and she wrapped her fat tits around his half-erect but still huge cock. As she began to work him up, her mind wandered. It was hard to believe it had been six months since that night in London. They had fucked for hours then, her bust gaining cup after cup of volume and that was just the start.

Meradi was hardly recognizable as the woman who had gotten a boob job six months ago. Gone were the markers of exhaustion and burnout, their specters replaced by a bright enthusiasm which had only heightened her ambition. Yes, that trip had been that start of a very transformative period of time in her life and she credited the implants for nearly all of it. Oskar had not believed how much she had grown, not just in the boob department but all over, but she had experienced it first hand. She knew without a doubt that whatever wizardry he had done had allowed her to transform into a completely different woman.

To compare 'her then' and 'her now' would probably make the rapid transformation to boob goddess appear to be some kind of magic, but she knew how much work she had put into developing the new her. Upon recovering from all that sex in London, she had set out to figure out just how much her new implants could affect her. Part of that was going back to the gym, where she discovered that no matter how much she worked out, she remained looking like she was merely toned. There was some change as the weight increased ten pounds at a time and she added set after set to her routine, but even then she was just the pinnacle of the fitness body-type.

That is not to say she did not grow at all. It took about a month, but she soon found herself no longer fitting into pants. The tipping point was the day she went for a run and did not realize how much time had passed until her phone died. After that, her legs and ass were superhuman, there was no better way to describe the simultaneously thick and muscular build of her lower body. The gym was not the only place she had to make adjustments. For the first week she was constantly knocking things over on her desk and typing was almost impossible. She adapted, growing accustomed to her new body. However, she was really starting to grow and it felt like every time she got used to her size, she found that she had grown again. It got to the point that she moved to a standing desk and turned to dictation while pacing to get work done.

Not surprisingly, her stock went down with people in the company as they ridiculed her. Keith stuck up for her, but that usually just ended in jeering from their co-workers. She decided to not let it get to her. She liked the new her that was blossoming. Every week she felt more confident and it began to show returns in her work. She got more aggressive with her investment strategies, starting to operate on an almost intuitive level as she followed her gut on a regular basis. It was not until a dinner three months from her surgery that the reason for her growing success became clear.

The moment began with Keith mentioning a report that confirmed a move she had made the week before. When she explained that moving between futures in oil to polysilicon made sense considering that nine EU countries were all moving towards huge Solar subsidies like it was two plus two, they both stopped eating. He had her explain other abstract principles and not only could she relate them, but she could also extrapolate concrete applications for them.

She could not help but laugh. Her bimbo-riffic tits were making her smarter.

Armed with that knowledge it was not long before she opened her own firm. Her clients flocked to her like crazy and her old firm went bust rather soon after. She had, of course, hired her coworkers back and that ended the harassment. She left day-to-day affairs in Keith's hands as she developed a presentation about her methods. She wanted to get out ahead of the claims of insider trading. The first talk was standing room only in the largest venue at the nearby college of business. After that, her talks were selling out left and right. Of course, her success brought more criticism of her size, but she continued to remain professional and to grind her rivals into dust or turn them into employees.

Out of everything though, the biggest change was her sex drive. Her libido seemed to swell with her measurements, but she managed to keep it under control--at least at first. It was not until her tits were past her waist, which was about two months after her surgery, that she realized she was always aroused. Naturally, she had a talk with Keith about it. Up to that point, they had been having sex frequently, but not every day.

“Do you think you could fuck me every day?”

She had said it stone-faced while eating breakfast one morning, but Keith agreed right away. That was when he really started to develop. Their evening sessions got longer and longer. She spent more and more time having him eat her out and that seemed to be having an effect on him. He had been going to the gym off and on with her, but he started to see gains like hers once they started fucking every day.

At first, it just made sense that he would be getting stronger. Then his cock started to get bigger. His becoming a stud only amplified their switching relationship. His strength was becoming such that he could overpower her in bed. It became a regular occurrence for him to hold her down by her wrists as he fucked her tits and came on her face. To his credit, he developed as a bottom as well. The night she finally pegged him for the first time, he ended up cumming so much that he wound up dehydrated.

It was that night that was on her mind as she smirked at his thickening erection. Kissing the tip, she slowly swallowed it until there was no measure of his dick that was not enveloped one way or another. He came right away but stayed hard. So she pushed him down and straddled his hips before devouring him once more. She stole three more orgasms from him until he was going cross-eyed and cum was running down between them.

Satisfied, they snuggled on the bed for a bit.

“So… what is this big surprise? Something for our anniversary next weekend?”

“Something like that… You know the busty woman from those videos Oskar showed you?”

She moaned at the thought of the only woman who was probably larger than her. “Yeah, what about her?”

“Well, I… I got you a scene with her.”

“You did what?!” She sat up and looked at him with wide eyes.

He blushed deeply. “I said, ‘I got you a scene with her.’”

“That’s… I… ” Try as she might, the words of excitement and pleasure just were not coming.

“… Are you mad?”

“No, hardly mad. I’m so excited I’m speechless. How?”

“Let’s just say we aren’t taking a big trip next year…”

She pulled him into a hug, his body half vanishing into her cleavage. “Thank you. Thankyou. Thank! You! You’re just the best.”

“Just wait until you see what the two of you are doing.”

“Is it oil? Please tell me it’s a shared oil bath.”

When he only smiled, she could not contain her excitement. She was going to get to meet and worship her goddess. The only thing that could make this moment better would be to find out her goddess was into her as well.

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